A Flock of Seagulls - Studio Albums 320Kbps

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A Flock of Seagulls - Studio Albums 320Kbps (Size: 563.16 MB)
 A_Flock_Of_Seagulls-A_Flock_Of_Seagulls-Trasera.jpg240.9 KB
 A_Flock_Of_Seagulls-A_Flock_Of_Seagulls-Frontal.jpg219.58 KB
 A_Flock_Of_Seagulls-A_Flock_Of_Seagulls-CD.jpg149.64 KB
 A_Flock_Of_Seagulls-A_Flock_Of_Seagulls-Interior_Frontal.jpg116.35 KB
 10. Man Made.mp313.17 MB
 01. I Ran (So Far Away).mp311.91 MB
 08. Standing In the Doorway.mp310.9 MB
 03. You Can Run.mp310.3 MB
 07. Modern Love Is Automatic.mp38.89 MB
 02. Space Age Love Song.mp38.8 MB
 05. Messages.mp36.73 MB
 04. Don't Ask Me.mp36.54 MB
 06. Telecommunication.mp35.95 MB
 09. D.N.A..mp35.91 MB
 A_Flock_Of_Seagulls-Listen-Trasera.jpg292.49 KB
 A_Flock_Of_Seagulls-Listen-Frontal.jpg221.46 KB
 A_Flock_Of_Seagulls-Listen-CD.jpg117.65 KB
 A_Flock_Of_Seagulls-Listen-Interior_Frontal.jpg109.83 KB
 11. Committed (extended version).mp312.99 MB
 01. Wishing (If I Had A Photograph Of You).mp312.71 MB
 03. Transfer Affection.mp312.35 MB
 13. I Ran (Live).mp312.1 MB
 08. Over The Border.mp311.7 MB
 10. (It's Not Me) Talking.mp311.58 MB
 12. Quicksand.mp310.96 MB
 02. Nightmares.mp310.67 MB
 09. The Fall.mp310.4 MB
 04. What Am I Supposed To Do.mp39.75 MB
 A_Flock_Of_Seagulls-The_Story_Of_A_Young_Heart-Trasera.jpg175.31 KB
 A_Flock_Of_Seagulls-The_Story_Of_A_Young_Heart-CD.jpg167.6 KB
 A_Flock_Of_Seagulls-The_Story_Of_A_Young_Heart-Frontal.jpg92.81 KB
 01. The Story Of A Young Heart.mp314.05 MB
 07. Heart Of Steel.mp313.21 MB
 09. Suicide Day.mp312.26 MB
 02. Never Again (The Dancer).mp311.7 MB
 04. European (I Wish I Was).mp310.21 MB
 03. The More You Live, The More You Love.mp39.58 MB
 05. Remember David.mp39.45 MB
 06. Over My Head.mp39.02 MB
 08. The End.mp38.21 MB
 A_Flock_Of_Seagulls-Dream_Come_True-Trasera.jpg213.79 KB
 A_Flock_Of_Seagulls-Dream_Come_True-Frontal.jpg208.67 KB
 A_Flock_Of_Seagulls-Dream_Come_True-Interior_Trasera.jpg192.84 KB
 A_Flock_Of_Seagulls-Dream_Come_True-CD.jpg181.93 KB
 A_Flock_Of_Seagulls-Dream_Come_True-Interior_Frontal.jpg75.19 KB
 05. Cry Like A Baby.mp314.93 MB
 09. Whole Lot Of Loving.mp313.94 MB
 04. Hot Tonight.mp313.7 MB
 02. Heartbeat Like A Drum.mp312.81 MB
 01. Better And Better.mp312.36 MB
 03. Who's That Girl (She's Got It).mp39.9 MB
 07. Love On Your Knees.mp39.17 MB
 06. Say So Much.mp38.42 MB
 08. How Could You Ever Leave Me.mp37.88 MB
 CD.png723.2 KB
 Front.jpg523.66 KB
 Back.jpg136.88 KB
 03. Setting Sun.mp314.38 MB
 11. The Light At The End Of The World.mp312.34 MB
 02. Magic.mp312.05 MB
 06. You're Mine.mp312.01 MB
 10. Say You Love Me.mp311.91 MB
 01. Burnin' Up.mp311.73 MB
 04. Rainfall.mp311.62 MB
 07. Walking In The Garden.mp311.61 MB
 09. Life Is Easy.mp311.59 MB
 05. Ordinary Man.mp311.47 MB


A Flock of Seagulls - Studio Albums

1982 - A Flock Of Seagulls
1983 - Listen
1984 - The Story Of A Young Heart
1986 - Dream Come True
1995 - The Light At The End Of The World

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