Alan Baker ~ [Blackwood 01] - The Martian Ambassador *** London, 1899. There are rapid changes thanks to the new Martian technology at work in Victorian England.

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Alan Baker ~ [Blackwood 01] - The Martian Ambassador *** London, 1899. There are rapid changes thanks to the new Martian technology at work in Victorian England. (Size: 243.42 MB)
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General Information
Book........................The Martian Ambassador
Series Name............Blackwood & Harrington Mystery
Series No.................01
Author.....................Alan K. Baker
Narrator...................Michael Maloney
Genre......................Steam Punk

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Date Converted........7-September-2012
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London, 1899. It has been six years since the discovery of intelligent life on Mars, and relations between the two worlds are rapidly developing. Three-legged Martian omnibuses stride through the streets and across the landscape, while Queen Victoria has been returned to the vigour of youth by Martian rejuvenation drugs. Victorian computer technology is proceeding apace, thanks to the faeries who power the 'cogitators', while the first Æther zeppelins are nearing completion, with a British expedition to the Moon being planned for the following year. Everything seems to be going swimmingly, until Lunan R'ondd, Martian Ambassador to the Court of Saint James's, dies while attending a banquet at Buckingham Palace.
The discovery of strange, microscopic larvae in his breathing apparatus leads Queen Victoria to suspect that he may have been the victim of a bizarre assassination. The Martian Parliament agrees, and they are not pleased. No Martian has ever died in such suspicious circumstances while on Earth.
An ultimatum is given: if Her Majesty's Government cannot solve the crime and bring the perpetrator to justice, the Martians will! Enter Thomas Blackwood, Special Investigator for Her Majesty's Bureau of Clandestine Affairs. Along with Lady Sophia Harrington, Secretary of the Society for Psychical Research, Blackwood is charged with the task of solving the mystery of Ambassador R'ondd's death, before the Martians take matters into their own hands, possibly igniting an interplanetary war in the process!

Alan Baker was born in 1964 in Birmingham, UK, and attended the University of Reading, where he obtained a BA (Hons) Degree in English Language and Literature. After leaving university in 1991, he endured a series of increasingly unpleasant jobs, culminating in a nine-month stint as a packer in a Sheffield sausage factory, which served to increase his fascination with the macabre and outlandish.His first book, Destination Earth, was published in 1998, and since then he has published a further nine books on a variety of subjects ranging from UFOs, ghosts and occultism to gladiators, Vikings and medieval knights.

Michael Maloney (born 19 June 1957) is an English actor and was born in Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk. He has been a regular on the small screen for over 20 years, appearing in everything from Hamlet to Dalziel And Pascoe. In 2003 he made his mark in the critically acclaimed The Forsyte Saga.

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Alan Baker ~ [Blackwood 01] - The Martian Ambassador *** London, 1899. There are rapid changes thanks to the new Martian technology at work in Victorian England.