Amitav Ghosh ~ [Ibis Trilogy 03] - Flood Of Fire *** It is 1839 China and British India go to war following the crackdown on opium smuggling by Beijing.

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Amitav Ghosh ~ [Ibis Trilogy 03] - Flood Of Fire *** It is 1839 China and British India go to war following the crackdown on opium smuggling by Beijing. (Size: 634.58 MB)
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General Information
Book:.....................Flood Of Fire
Series Name:........Ibis Trilogy
Series No:.............03
Author:..................Amitav Ghosh
Narrator:...............Raj Ghatak
Genre:...................Historical Fiction
Publisher:..............John Murray Press

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It is 1839 and tension has been rapidly mounting between China and British India following the crackdown on opium smuggling by Beijing. With no resolution in sight, the colonial government declares war.
One of the vessels requisitioned for the attack, the Hind, travels eastwards from Bengal to China, sailing into the midst of the First Opium War. The turbulent voyage brings together a diverse group of travellers, each with their own agenda to pursue. Among them is Kesri Singh, a sepoy in the East India Company who leads a company of Indian sepoys; Zachary Reid, an impoverished young sailor searching for his lost love, and Shireen Modi, a determined widow en route to China to reclaim her opium-trader husband's wealth and reputation. Flood of Fire follows a varied cast of characters from India to China, through the outbreak of the First Opium War and China's devastating defeat, to Britain's seizure of Hong Kong.

Amitav Ghosh was born in Calcutta in 1956. He studied in Dehra Dun, New Delhi, Alexandria and Oxford and his first job was at the Indian Express newspaper in New Delhi. He earned a doctorate at Oxford before he wrote his first novel, which was published in 1986.
Amitav Ghosh is one of India's best-known writers. His books include The Circle of Reason, The Shadow Lines, In An Antique Land, Dancing in Cambodia, The Calcutta Chromosome, The Glass Palace, Incendiary Circumstances, The Hungry Tide. His most recent novel, Sea of Poppies, is the first volume of the Ibis Trilogy.
The Circle of Reason won the Prix Medicis Etranger, one of France's top literary awards, and The Shadow Lines won the Sahitya Akademi Award and the Ananda Puraskar. The Calcutta Chromosome won the Arthur C. Clarke Award for 1997 and The Glass Palace won the Grand Prize for Fiction at the Frankfurt International e-Book Awards in 2001. The Hungry Tide won the Hutch Crossword Book Prize in 2006. In 2007 Amitav Ghosh was awarded the Grinzane Cavour Prize in Turin, Italy. Amitav Ghosh has written for many publications, including the Hindu, The New Yorker and Granta, and he has served on the juries of several international film festivals, including Locarno and Venice. He has taught at many universities in India and the USA, including Delhi University, Columbia, the City University of New York and Harvard. He no longer teaches and is currently writing the next volume of the Ibis Trilogy.
He is married to the writer, Deborah Baker, and has two children, Lila and Nayan. He divides his time between Kolkata, Goa and Brooklyn.

Raj Ghatak (born July 1973) is an Indian-born English actor of Bengali Hindu origin. Raj Ghatak is renowned as an award nominated actor of great versatility, with credits covering stage and screen.
Raj was cast after an international search as a lead role in double Oscar winner A R Rahman's Bombay Dreams produced by Andrew Lloyd Webber. Raj was nominated for Best Actor, as well as Best Supporting Performance in a Musical, and was shortlisted as being one of the top 50 British Asian artists in the United Kingdom. Raj has worked internationally many times, and regularly in the most prestigious theatres in London and the rest of the UK. He is often found to be in award winning and nominated projects.
Raj has been at the forefront of the wave of British Asian talent within the UK, working in independent film alongside commercial film and television. He played Grayson in the BAFTA winning Dead Set, and the lead role of Mitu in the award nominated film Diary of A Thagee. He recently completed the TV special The 7.39, the number one film Mrs Brown's Boys D'Movie, and Job's Dinner.

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Amitav Ghosh ~ [Ibis Trilogy 03] - Flood Of Fire *** It is 1839 China and British India go to war following the crackdown on opium smuggling by Beijing.