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Culture Club and Boy George - Collection (1982-2013) [mp3@320] (Size: 7.57 GB)
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 01. White Boy (Dance Mix).mp310.86 MB
 10. Love Is Cold.mp310.25 MB
 11. Murder Rap Trap (Featuring Captain Crucial).mp310.16 MB
 09. Do You Really Want To Hurt Me.mp310.11 MB
 05. Love Twist (Featuring Captain Crucial).mp310.11 MB
 06. Boy Boy (I'm The Boy).mp38.93 MB
 13. Romance Beyond The Alphabet.mp38.83 MB
 12. Time (Clock Of The Heart).mp38.71 MB
 08. White Boys Can't Control It.mp38.67 MB
 02. You Know I'm Not Crazy.mp38.33 MB
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 03. Black Money.mp312.32 MB
 15. Romance Revisited.mp311.57 MB
 10. Victims.mp311.46 MB
 13. Melting Pot.mp310.46 MB
 07. Miss Me Blind.mp310.41 MB
 01. Karma Chameleon.mp39.75 MB
 14. Colour By Numbers.mp39.18 MB
 08. Mister Man.mp38.36 MB
 12. Mystery Boy (Suntori Hot Whiskey Song).mp38.26 MB
 06. Church Of The Poison Mind.mp38.23 MB
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 14. Don't Go Down That Street.mp315.26 MB
 05. Mistake No.3.mp310.66 MB
 07. The Medal Song.mp39.89 MB
 01. Dangerous Man.mp39.87 MB
 02. The War Song.mp39.84 MB
 11. La Cancion De Guerra.mp39.54 MB
 12. Love Is Love.mp38.99 MB
 06. The Dive.mp38.87 MB
 10. Hello Goodbye.mp37.95 MB
 08. Don't Talk About It.mp37.68 MB
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 11. Move Away ( Extended Version).mp317.09 MB
 12. God Thank You Woman ( Extended Version).mp316.26 MB
 10. Sexuality.mp312.62 MB
 05. Heaven's Children.mp310.93 MB
 04. Gusto Blusto.mp310.8 MB
 08. Too Bad.mp310.65 MB
 07. Reasons.mp310.62 MB
 01. Move Away.mp310.06 MB
 06. God Thank You Woman.mp39.81 MB
 03. Work On Me Baby.mp39.48 MB
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 13. Sexuality (Extended).mp324.32 MB
 11. Move Away (Extended).mp317.09 MB
 12. God Thank You Woman (Extended).mp316.24 MB
 10. Sexuality.mp312.62 MB
 05. Heaven's Children.mp310.94 MB
 04. Gusto Blusto.mp310.8 MB
 08. Too Bad.mp310.66 MB
 07. Reasons.mp310.62 MB
 01. Move Away.mp310.08 MB
 06. God Thank You Woman.mp39.82 MB
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 15. Less Than Perfect.mp315.18 MB
 10. Strange Voodoo.mp312.18 MB
 14. Starman.mp312.06 MB
 08. Weep For The Child.mp311.49 MB
 13. Confidence Trick.mp311.46 MB
 04. Sign Language.mp311.04 MB
 02. Cold Shoulder.mp310.53 MB
 01. I Just Wanna Be Loved.mp310.52 MB
 03. Maybe I'm A Fool.mp310.51 MB
 07. Your Kisses Are Charity.mp39.98 MB
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 17. It's A Miracle Miss Me Blind ( U.S. 12'' Mix ).mp321.18 MB
 14. Generations Of Love.mp320.36 MB
 05. Victims.mp311.39 MB
 13. I Just Wanna Be Loved.mp310.74 MB
 08. Miss Me Blind.mp310.5 MB
 01. Do You Really Want To Hurt Me.mp310.41 MB
 09. Move Away.mp39.67 MB
 04. Karma Chameleon.mp39.34 MB
 15. The War Song.mp39.32 MB
 11. Everything I Own.mp39.16 MB
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 02. I Asked For Love.mp310.93 MB
 11. To Be Reborn.mp310.36 MB
 06. Just Ain't Enough.mp39.99 MB
 07. Where Are You Now.mp39.93 MB
 03. Keep Me In Mind.mp39.48 MB
 01. Sold.mp39.11 MB
 04. Everything I Own.mp39.04 MB
 05. Freedom.mp38.88 MB
 10. We've Got The Right.mp38.68 MB
 09. Next Time.mp38.07 MB
 08. Little Ghost.mp37.52 MB
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 01. Don't Cry.mp316.23 MB
 11. American Boyz.mp314.57 MB
 02. You Are My Heroin.mp314.55 MB
 08. Kipsy.mp314.05 MB
 06. Something Strange Called Love.mp313.93 MB
 04. Girl With Combination Skin.mp313.84 MB
 05. Whisper.mp313.06 MB
 12. Happy Family.mp311.79 MB
 09. Mama Never Knew.mp311.39 MB
 07. I Love You.mp311.01 MB
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 05. You Are My Heroin.mp314.62 MB
 07. Kipsy.mp314.08 MB
 09. Girl With Combination Skin.mp313.85 MB
 02. WHISPER.mp313.06 MB
 01. Don't Take My Mind On A Trip.mp312.35 MB
 03. Whether They Like It Or Not.mp311.93 MB
 04. You Found Another Guy.mp310.28 MB
 06. I'm Not Sleeping Anymore.mp310.04 MB
 08. Don't Cry.mp39.59 MB
 10. Something Strange Called Love.mp39.25 MB
 The Martyr Mantras - Front.jpg2.48 MB
 The Martyr Mantras - book2.jpg1.73 MB
 The Martyr Mantras - book3.jpg1.54 MB
 The Martyr Mantras - book1.jpg1.54 MB
 The Martyr Mantras - Back.jpg1.42 MB
 The Martyr Mantras - CD.jpg171.61 KB
 folder.jpg150.58 KB
 04. After The Love (Ten Glorious Years Mix).mp317.85 MB
 01. Generations Of Love (Oakenfold Mix).mp316.67 MB
 07. Love Hurts (L.P. Mix).mp315.07 MB
 10. Bow Down Mister.mp315.05 MB
 05. I Specialize In Loneliness.mp314.78 MB
 06. No Clause 28 (Pascal Gabriel Mix).mp314.76 MB
 11. Generations Of Love (Seventies Mix).mp314.47 MB
 03. Love's Gonna Let U Down (Popcorn Mix).mp314.24 MB
 08. Siempre Te Amare.mp314.23 MB
 09. Too Much Love.mp313.94 MB
 02. One On One (Brydon L.P. Mix).mp310.89 MB
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 CD.png25.44 MB
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 05. Victims.mp311.34 MB
 08. Miss Me Blind.mp310.43 MB
 01. Do You Really Want To Hurt Me.mp310.31 MB
 11. Love Hurts.mp310.3 MB
 14. After The Love.mp310.16 MB
 09. Move Away.mp39.56 MB
 13. Don't Cry.mp39.54 MB
 19. Sweet Toxic Love [Deliverance Mix].mp39.35 MB
 04. Karma Chameleon.mp39.31 MB
 17. Generations Of Love [La La Gone Gaga Mix].mp39.21 MB
 booklet5.png45.41 MB
 booklet4.png45.41 MB
 Booklet1.png45.41 MB
 Booklet2.png45.41 MB
 Booklet3.png45.41 MB
 Booklet8.png45.41 MB
 booklet6.png45.41 MB
 Booklet7.png45.41 MB
 Back.png28.24 MB
 Back-Inside.png28.24 MB
 13. Il Adore.mp314.34 MB
 11. Your Love Is What I Am.mp310.9 MB
 10. Blindman.mp39.74 MB
 06. If I Could Fly.mp39.46 MB
 08. Cheapness And Beauty.mp39.27 MB
 03. Sad.mp38.97 MB
 05. Genocide Peroxide.mp38.67 MB
 12. Unfinished Business.mp38.28 MB
 07. Same Thing In Reverse.mp38.25 MB
 09. Evil Is So Civilised.mp38.23 MB
 Funtime - Front Back.jpg3.49 MB
 Funtime - CD.jpg811.51 KB
 folder.jpg73.97 KB
 03. Funtime (Ramp Alien Spawn Club Mix).mp316.21 MB
 02. Genocide Peroxide.mp38.42 MB
 01. Funtime.mp37.26 MB
 CD Front Cover.tif3.32 MB
 Picture Of CD.tif2.93 MB
 Cd Inlay.tif2.66 MB
 CD Inlay Spread.jpg556.91 KB
 CD Spine.tif522.88 KB
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 04. Same Thing In Reverse (Clubzone's 303 Is Big Enough For Me Mix).mp319.11 MB
 03. Same Thing In Reverse (Evolution's Brick In My Handbag Mix).mp314.98 MB
 02. Same Thing In Reverse (Evolution's Radio Screamer).mp39.14 MB
 01. Same Thing In Reverse (Country Queen Mix).mp38.34 MB
 Booklet2.png45.77 MB
 Booklet1.png45.77 MB
 Back-Inside.png27.63 MB
 Back.png27.5 MB
 CD.png25.29 MB
 folder.jpeg143.01 KB
 06. In Maya.mp311.84 MB
 08. Broken Spirit.mp310.98 MB
 02. Mr. Strange.mp38.98 MB
 05. Spooky Truth.mp38.85 MB
 07. Vanity Case.mp38.6 MB
 09. Suffragette City.mp38.51 MB
 04. Number One.mp38.37 MB
 03. She Was Never He.mp38.36 MB
 01. GI Josephine.mp38.05 MB
 10. Who Killed Rock n' Roll.mp37.77 MB
 21. Stylus Trouble Sputnik One.mp314.65 MB
 16. Audioweb Policeman Skank...(the Story of my Life)(Rinse Out Mix).mp311.67 MB
 15. DJ Tiesto Flight 643 (Jaimy and Kenny D Remix).mp310.72 MB
 20. Greed feat. Lesley Fatal (Deep Air Mix).mp310.37 MB
 03. Dark Globe Auto Erotic (Globo Cop Mix).mp310.36 MB
 10. Ubu Pixels.mp310.06 MB
 14. Kamaya Painters Wasteland (Chab Remix).mp39.27 MB
 19. Rey Over My Shoulder (I-Jack Deep Pan Mix).mp38.82 MB
 06. 7 feat. Mona Monet Keep It Coming (CF's Queen Street Orchestra Mix).mp38.7 MB
 08. Kinky Roland This Time Around.mp38.44 MB
 06. Sunkids feat. Chance Rise Up (Original Mix).mp312.52 MB
 05. Groove Armada Chicago (Album Version).mp312.23 MB
 17. Boogie Macs The Girl From Ipanema (Original 12' Mix).mp310.84 MB
 09. Belle Ville Theme From Belle Ville (Original Mix).mp39.93 MB
 04. Kim English Nite Life (Ess Dee Vocal Mix).mp39.69 MB
 10. Orion See Me Here (Skope's Vocal Remix).mp39.57 MB
 15. Eek-a-Mouse Dope Smugglin' (Album Version).mp38.73 MB
 07. Shauna Soloman Watcha Gonna Do (Drumatic Mix).mp38.54 MB
 11. SFTO and Colein Lean On Me (House Mix).mp38.48 MB
 14. Clint Eastwood and General Saint Another One Bites the Dust (Album Mix).mp38.42 MB
 [AllCDCovers]_boy_george_boygeorgedjcom_2001_retail_cd-back.jpg373.38 KB
 [AllCDCovers]_boy_george_boygeorgedjcom_2001_retail_cd-cd_2.jpg146.99 KB
 [AllCDCovers]_boy_george_boygeorgedjcom_2001_retail_cd-cd.jpg141.13 KB
 [AllCDCovers]_boy_george_boygeorgedjcom_2001_retail_cd-front.jpg107.14 KB
 BoyGeorgeDj.Com Front.jpg10.51 KB
 A Night In With Boy George - A Chillout Mix - book2.jpg1.23 MB
 A Night In With Boy George - A Chillout Mix - book.jpg731.96 KB
 A Night In With Boy George - A Chillout Mix - Back.jpg551.24 KB
 A Night In With Boy George - A Chillout Mix - Front.jpg375.26 KB
 A Night In With Boy George - A Chillout Mix.jpg360.81 KB
 09. Doc C Junior - Preacher Man.mp316.64 MB
 07. Bluprint - Presto.mp314.9 MB
 01. Marden Hill - Bardot.mp313.96 MB
 10. El Hula - Augustine (awayTEAM Half Vocal Mix).mp312.4 MB
 04. Kid Galahad - World Crashes Down.mp312.22 MB
 15. Mychael Danna - Aaj Mera Jee Kardaa.mp312.2 MB
 12. Benchplayer - We Can Walk It Out.mp312.03 MB
 14. Charlie Mills feat Blank Space - Sail On.mp311.75 MB
 11. Alpinestars - Burning Up.mp310.65 MB
 06. awayTEAM feat Alabama Singers - Not My People.mp310.58 MB
 Front.jpg97.94 KB
 Back.jpg41.87 KB
 15. Bow down mister.mp331.02 MB
 14. Il adore.mp314.35 MB
 11. The deal.mp310.83 MB
 06. If I Could Fly.mp39.51 MB
 09. Wrong.mp39.49 MB
 10. Letter to a school friend.mp38.82 MB
 02. St Christopher.mp38.75 MB
 04. Cheapness and beauty.mp38.74 MB
 08. Julian.mp38.54 MB
 07. Unfinished business.mp38.38 MB
 Boy George - Amazing Grace Cover.jpg740.17 KB
 Boy George - Amazing Grace Back.jpg641.61 KB
 Boy George - Amazing Grace CD.jpg254.51 KB
 folder.jpeg100.07 KB
 08. Amazing Grace (Filo & Peri Tech Dub).mp320.34 MB
 07. Amazing Grace (Filo & Peri Tech Workout Mix).mp320.13 MB
 06. Amazing Grace (Sharp Boys Instrumental).mp319.27 MB
 05. Amazing Grace (Sharp Boys Extended Club).mp319.27 MB
 04. Amazing Grace (Kurd Maverick Remix).mp316.41 MB
 09. Amazing Grace (Anders Nyman & Darren Bailie Remix).mp313.7 MB
 03. Amazing Grace (Acoustic Mix).mp38.69 MB
 02. Amazing Grace (Original Mix).mp38.1 MB
 01. Amazing Grace (Radio Edit).mp37.79 MB
 11. Amazing Grace (Radio Instrumental).mp37.74 MB
 10. Amazing Grace (Anders Nyman & Darren Bailie Radio Edit).mp37.47 MB
 02. Yes We Can.mp315.05 MB
 09. Seconds (Feat. Phiiilip Something).mp314.66 MB
 10. After Dark.mp314.33 MB
 12. Human Racing.mp313.57 MB
 08. Here Come The Girls (Feat. Ave D).mp313.24 MB
 07. Go Your Own Way.mp313.21 MB
 06. If I Were You.mp313.15 MB
 01. Turn 2 Dust.mp313.13 MB
 05. Don't Wanna See Myself.mp313.07 MB
 03. Brand New.mp312.69 MB
 02. Sanitized.mp316.31 MB
 04. Psychology Of The Dreamer.mp316.19 MB
 01. Out Of Fashion.mp315.4 MB
 03. Time Machine.mp315.2 MB
 05. Ragga Music.mp311.53 MB
 front & back.png42.78 MB
 back & inside.png41.29 MB
 inside.png40.33 MB
 inside2.png26.18 MB
 CD2.png20.01 MB
 CD1.png19.71 MB
 folder.jpeg61.74 KB
 photothumb.db7 KB
 Cover.png56.51 MB
 inside.png56.51 MB
 booklet4.png44.5 MB
 Booklet2.png44.5 MB
 booklet6.png44.5 MB
 Booklet1.png44.5 MB
 Booklet8.png44.5 MB
 Booklet3.png44.5 MB
 booklet5.png44.5 MB
 Booklet7.png44.5 MB
 11. Play Me.mp314.87 MB
 06. Death Of Samantha.mp312.6 MB
 12. Feel The Vibration.mp312.02 MB
 07. Any road.mp311.28 MB
 03. Live Your Life.mp310.49 MB
 01. King Of Everything.mp310.03 MB
 08. My Star.mp310 MB
 04. My god.mp39.64 MB
 10. Nice And Slow.mp39.53 MB
 02. Bigger Than War.mp38.66 MB
 Boy George.jpg51.29 KB
 B.George_tracklist.txt9.37 KB


Culture Club and Boy George - Kolekcja (1982-2013)

Synth-pop, electronic, acid house,

MP3 - 320 kbps

22:52:22 Culture Club

1982 - Kissing To Be Clever

1983 - Colour By Numbers

1984 - Waking Up With The House On Fire

1986 - From Luxury To Heartache

1986 - From Luxury To Heartache

1999 - Don't Mind If I Do

2000 - Hit Collection (Germany)

Boy George

1987 - Sold

1988 - Tense Nervous Headache

1989 - High Hat

1991 - The Martyr Mantras

1993 - At Worst... The Best Of Boy George And Culture Club

1995 - Cheapness And Beauty

1995 - Funtime

1995 - Same Thing In Reverse CDS (VSCDT 1561)

1999 - The Unrecoupable One Man Bandit. Volume One

2001 - Boy George - 2 CD

2002 - A Night In With Boy George A Chillout Mix

2002 - U can never b2 straight

2010 - Amazing Grace (CD Single) (TIME581CDM)

2011 - Ordinary Alien 2 CD

2013 - This Is What I Do

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