David Donachie ~ [John Pearce 11] - The Devil to Pay *** 1794. Stuck in Palermo, Lieutenant John Pearce and his Pelicans must repair the damaged HMS Larcher.

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David Donachie ~ [John Pearce 11] - The Devil to Pay *** 1794. Stuck in Palermo, Lieutenant John Pearce and his Pelicans must repair the damaged HMS Larcher. (Size: 255.33 MB)
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General Information
Book:.....................The Devil to Pay
Series Name:........John Pearce
Series No:.............11
Author:..................David Donachie
Narrator:...............Peter Wickham
ISBN......................9781 4079 51980

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1794. Stuck in Palermo harbour, the headstrong Lieutenant John Pearce and his trusty Pelicans must repair the battle-damaged HMS Larcher with only meagre funds to do so. Sailing into danger, they encounter enemies. Pearce has no option but to run until, trapped in an Italian bay, he is forced to abandon his ship. Pearce must face a court martial for his actions but his troubles are only just beginning. A deadly plan is contrived to send the unwitting Pelicans into mortal danger against a bloodthirsty, piratical Turk called Mehmet Pasha: the aim is to force them into a disastrous fight they cannot win. Only luck and Pearce’s fiery thirst for battle can save them now…

David Donachie was born in Edinburgh in 1944 is a historical novelist with a particular interest in naval history in the 18th and 19th centuries. He has had a variety of jobs, including selling everything from business machines to soap. A former salesman, of everything from business machines to soap, he is now a full-time writer. He also writes fiction under two pen names, Jack Ludlow and Tom Connery. His first series, The Privateersman Mysteries, is set in the late 18th century and features former navy Captain turned privateer Harry Ludlow. Writing as Jack Ludlow, his Republic series is set in ancient Rome and the Conquest Series is set in the 11th century. He now lives with his wife, also an author, in Deal in Kent.

Peter Wickham was bitten early by the travel bug, coming to England from New Zealand as a child. He has worked all over England and Wales in repertory and is determined to work more in Scotland! Acting and directing aboard the Q.E.II took him from Singapore to Venezuela, and a short season in Istanbul followed. In 1990 he directed and appeared in a revue on a tour of Czechoslovakia. Many TV appearances started in Dixon of Dock Green (during its later years!) and include most recently A Sense of Guilt. But after theatre his favourite medium is sound; he has been heard many, many times on radio, in plays, reading poetry, short stories and serials.

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David Donachie ~ [John Pearce 11] - The Devil to Pay *** 1794. Stuck in Palermo, Lieutenant John Pearce and his Pelicans must repair the damaged HMS Larcher.