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 Dire_Straits-Dire_Straits-CD.jpg169.47 KB
 Dire_Straits-Dire_Straits-Trasera.jpg95.91 KB
 Dire_Straits-Dire_Straits-Interior_Frontal.jpg93.71 KB
 Dire_Straits-Dire_Straits-Frontal.jpg38.72 KB
 07. In the gallery.mp314.41 MB
 06. Sultans Of Swing.mp313.37 MB
 02. Water of love.mp312.45 MB
 09. Lions.mp311.62 MB
 08. Wild west end.mp310.83 MB
 04. Six blade knife.mp39.63 MB
 01. Down to the waterline.mp39.16 MB
 03. Setting me up.mp37.66 MB
 05. Southbound again.mp36.97 MB
 Dire_Straits-Communique-CD.jpg208.74 KB
 Dire_Straits-Communique-Interior_Traseira.jpg176.04 KB
 Dire_Straits-Communique-Interior_Frontal.jpg172.74 KB
 Dire_Straits-Communique-Trasera.jpg128.16 KB
 Dire_Straits-Communique-Frontal.jpg63.79 KB
 04. Communique.mp313.21 MB
 09. Follow Me Home.mp313.14 MB
 01. Once Upon A Time In The West.mp312.07 MB
 08. Single Handed Sailor.mp310.96 MB
 06. Angel of mercy.mp310.35 MB
 07. Portobello belle.mp310.07 MB
 02. News.mp39.71 MB
 03. Where do you think you're going.mp38.66 MB
 05. Lady Writer.mp38.42 MB
 Dire_Straits-Making_Movies-Interior_Traseira.jpg200.93 KB
 Dire_Straits-Making_Movies-CD.jpg164.27 KB
 Dire_Straits-Making_Movies-Interior_Frontal.jpg151.2 KB
 Dire_Straits-Making_Movies-Trasera.jpg137.55 KB
 Dire_Straits-Making_Movies-Frontal.jpg38.93 KB
 01. Tunnel of love.mp318.59 MB
 03. Skateaway.mp314.53 MB
 02. Romeo and Juliet.mp313.55 MB
 04. Expresso love.mp311.63 MB
 05. Hand in hand.mp311.09 MB
 07. Les boys.mp39.51 MB
 06. Solid rock.mp37.69 MB
 Dire_Straits-Love_Over_Gold-Interior_Traseira.jpg185.82 KB
 Dire_Straits-Love_Over_Gold-Interior_Frontal.jpg174.25 KB
 Dire_Straits-Love_Over_Gold-CD.jpg145.32 KB
 Dire_Straits-Love_Over_Gold-Trasera.jpg115.89 KB
 Dire_Straits-Love_Over_Gold-Frontal.jpg107.39 KB
 01. Telegraph Road.mp332.75 MB
 05. It never rains.mp318.29 MB
 02. Private investigations.mp315.57 MB
 04. Love Over Gold.mp314.5 MB
 03. Industrial disease.mp313.46 MB
 Extended Dance Play - Back.jpg813.18 KB
 Extended Dance Play - Front.jpg126.62 KB
 02. Badges, Posters, Stickers, T-Shirts.mp311.28 MB
 04. If I Had You.mp39.78 MB
 01. Twisting By The Pool.mp38.16 MB
 03. Two Young Lovers.mp37.88 MB
 Dire_Straits-Alchemy-Trasera.jpg349 KB
 Dire_Straits-Alchemy-Frontal.jpg271.41 KB
 Dire_Straits-Alchemy_Part_One-CD.jpg235 KB
 Dire_Straits-Alchemy_Part_One-Frontal.jpg223.27 KB
 Dire_Straits-Alchemy_Part_Two-CD.jpg216.36 KB
 Dire_Straits-Alchemy_Part_Two-Frontal.jpg204.65 KB
 Dire_Straits-Alchemy_Part_Two-Interior_Frontal.jpg167.69 KB
 Dire_Straits-Alchemy_Part_Two-Trasera.jpg159.81 KB
 Dire_Straits-Alchemy-CD1.jpg157.33 KB
 Dire_Straits-Alchemy_Part_One-Trasera.jpg156.31 KB
 B02. Tunnel Of Love.mp333.03 MB
 B03. Telegraph Road.mp331.49 MB
 A01. Once Upon A Time In The West.mp329.9 MB
 A06. Sultans Of Swing.mp325.2 MB
 A03. Romeo And Juliet.mp319.04 MB
 A05. Private Investigations.mp317.43 MB
 B05. Going Home (Theme From 'Local Hero').mp313.93 MB
 B04. Solid Rock.mp313.89 MB
 A02. Expresso Love.mp312.92 MB
 B01. Two Young Lovers (Intro The Carousel Waltz).mp311.24 MB
 A04. Love Over Gold.mp38.01 MB
 Dire_Straits-Brothers_In_Arms-Interior_Frontal.jpg242.18 KB
 Dire_Straits-Brothers_In_Arms-Interior_Trasera.jpg225.63 KB
 Dire_Straits-Brothers_In_Arms-CD.jpg224.07 KB
 Dire_Straits-Brothers_In_Arms-Frontal.jpg207.01 KB
 Dire_Straits-Brothers_In_Arms-Trasera.jpg198.26 KB
 02. Money for Nothing.mp319.59 MB
 05. Why Worry.mp319.42 MB
 06. Ride Across the River.mp316.28 MB
 09. Brothers in Arms.mp316.27 MB
 04. Your Latest Trick.mp315.13 MB
 01. So Far Away.mp311.76 MB
 07. The Man's Too Strong.mp310.75 MB
 03. Walk of Life.mp39.57 MB
 08. One World.mp38.39 MB
 Dire_Straits-Money_For_Nothing-Trasera.jpg212.01 KB
 Dire_Straits-Money_For_Nothing-Interior_Frontal.jpg190.98 KB
 Dire_Straits-Money_For_Nothing-CD.jpg157.96 KB
 Dire_Straits-Money_For_Nothing-Frontal.jpg101.78 KB
 10. Telegraph Road [live, remix].mp327.56 MB
 05. Tunnel Of Love.mp318.79 MB
 06. Romeo and Juliet.mp313.76 MB
 09. Private investigations.mp313.48 MB
 01. Sultans of swing.mp313.33 MB
 12. Brothers in arms.mp311.19 MB
 03. Portobello Belle [live].mp310.54 MB
 08. Walk of Life.mp39.55 MB
 11. Money for nothing.mp39.45 MB
 02. Down To The Waterline.mp39.26 MB
 Dire Straits - 1988 - The Greatest Hits Concert - Front.jpg1.1 MB
 03. Romeo And Juliet.mp325.69 MB
 02. Sultans Of Swing.mp324.38 MB
 08. Brothers In Arms.mp317.89 MB
 04. Money For Nothing.mp317.42 MB
 07. Private investigations.mp316.8 MB
 01. Walk Of Life.mp314.82 MB
 05. Wonderful Tonight.mp313.12 MB
 06. Solid rock.mp312.87 MB
 09. So Far Away.mp310.9 MB
 Dire_Straits-On_Every_Street-Trasera.jpg291.68 KB
 Dire_Straits-On_Every_Street-Frontal.jpg246.04 KB
 Dire_Straits-On_Every_Street-CD.jpg126.38 KB
 11. Planet Of New Orleans.mp317.9 MB
 01. Calling Elvis.mp314.77 MB
 06. You And Your Friend.mp313.77 MB
 10. My Parties.mp312.75 MB
 02. On Every Street.mp311.66 MB
 03. When It Comes To You.mp311.61 MB
 07. Heavy Fuel.mp311.42 MB
 09. Ticket To Heaven.mp310.21 MB
 05. The Bug.mp39.91 MB
 12. How Long.mp38.96 MB
 Dire Straits - 1993 - Encores - Front.jpg2.45 MB
 Dire Straits - 1993 - Encores - Back.jpg2.18 MB
 Dire Straits - 1993 - Encores - CD.jpg1.08 MB
 01. Your latest trick.mp313.11 MB
 02. The bug.mp312.45 MB
 03. Solid rock.mp312.28 MB
 04. Local Hero (Wild Theme).mp39.93 MB
 Dire_Straits-On_The_Night-CD.jpg273.81 KB
 Dire_Straits-On_The_Night-Interior_Frontal.jpg243.27 KB
 Dire_Straits-On_The_Night-Trasera.jpg164.94 KB
 Dire_Straits-On_The_Night-Frontal.jpg127.87 KB
 01. Calling Elvis.mp324.11 MB
 04. Romeo And Juliet.mp323.36 MB
 05. Private Investigations.mp322.48 MB
 10. Brothers in Arms.mp320.67 MB
 07. On every street.mp316.3 MB
 08. You and your friend.mp315.8 MB
 09. Money for Nothing.mp315.04 MB
 06. Your latest trick.mp313.02 MB
 03. Heavy fuel.mp312.56 MB
 02. Walk of life.mp311.91 MB
 Dire_Straits-Whispers_Of_Dire_Straits_The_Best_Ballads-Trasera.jpg205.18 KB
 Dire_Straits-Whispers_Of_Dire_Straits_The_Best_Ballads-Frontal.jpg156.93 KB
 07. Telegraph Road.mp332.73 MB
 11. Why Worry.mp319.26 MB
 08. Brothers In Arms.mp316.01 MB
 04. private Investigations.mp315.52 MB
 02. Your Latest Trick.mp314.99 MB
 09. In The Gallery.mp314.4 MB
 05. You And Your Friend.mp313.68 MB
 03. Romeo And Juliet.mp313.65 MB
 06. Once Upon A Time In The West.mp312.13 MB
 10. Ticket To Heaven.mp310.14 MB
 01. Where Do You Think You're Going.mp38.69 MB
 Dire_Straits-Live_At_The_BBC-Interior_Trasera.jpg289.5 KB
 Dire_Straits-Live_At_The_BBC-Interior_Frontal.jpg195.25 KB
 Dire_Straits-Live_At_The_BBC-CD.jpg137.2 KB
 Dire_Straits-Live_At_The_BBC-Trasera.jpg100.35 KB
 Dire_Straits-Live_At_The_BBC-Frontal.jpg55.86 KB
 08. Tunnel Of Love.mp327.45 MB
 05. Sultans Of Swing.mp315.31 MB
 03. Water Of Love.mp312.66 MB
 06. Lions.mp312.55 MB
 04. Wild West End.mp312.01 MB
 01. Down to the waterline.mp39.65 MB
 02. Six blade knife.mp38.77 MB
 07. What's the matter baby.mp37.71 MB
 Dire_Straits-Sultans_Of_Swing_The_Very_Best_Of_Dire_Straits-Trasera.jpg268.42 KB
 Dire_Straits-Sultans_Of_Swing_The_Very_Best_Of_Dire_Straits-Frontal.jpg198.8 KB
 Dire_Straits-Sultans_Of_Swing_The_Very_Best_Of_Dire_Straits-Interior_Frontal.jpg160.39 KB
 Dire_Straits-Sultans_Of_Swing_The_Very_Best_Of_Dire_Straits-Interior_Trasera.jpg143.18 KB
 Dire_Straits-Sultans_Of_Swing_The_Very_Best_Of_Dire_Straits-CD.jpg122.54 KB
 B05. Sultans Of Swing [Live At The Royal Albert Hall].mp330.5 MB
 B01. Calling Elvis [Live At The Royal Albert Hall].mp321 MB
 B06. Brothers In Arms [Live At The Royal Albert Hall].mp320.59 MB
 A04. Tunnel Of Love.mp319 MB
 B04. Romeo And Juliet [Live At The Royal Albert Hall].mp317.39 MB
 A07. Money For Nothing [Live At The Royal Albert Hall].mp315.35 MB
 A03. Romeo And Juliet.mp314.16 MB
 A05. Private Investigations.mp313.73 MB
 A01. Sultans Of Swing.mp313.42 MB
 A15. Your Latest Trick (Live).mp313.23 MB
 16. Telegraph Road.mp332.94 MB
 20. The Long Road (Theme From Cal).mp316.87 MB
 18. Your Latest Trick.mp314.98 MB
 15. Calling Elvis.mp314.78 MB
 22. Sailing To Philadelphia.mp313.59 MB
 17. So Far Away.mp311.85 MB
 21. The Trawlerman's Song.mp311.65 MB
 19. Darling Pretty.mp310.95 MB
 Dire_Straits_&_Mark_Knopfler-Private_Investigations_(The_Best_Of_Dire_Straits_&_Mark_Knop...175.97 KB
 Dire_Straits_&_Mark_Knopfler-Private_Investigations_(The_Best_Of_Dire_Straits_&_Mark_Knop...138.26 KB
 Dire_Straits_&_Mark_Knopfler-Private_Investigations_(The_Best_Of_Dire_Straits_&_Mark_Knop...125.88 KB
 06. Money for Nothing.mp319.36 MB
 04. Tunnel Of Love.mp318.88 MB
 07. Brothers In Arms.mp316.12 MB
 02. Love Over Gold.mp314.56 MB
 03. Romeo & Juliet.mp313.87 MB
 05. Private Investigations.mp313.82 MB
 12. Boom, Like That.mp313.44 MB
 01. Sultans of swing.mp313.41 MB
 09. On Every Street.mp311.71 MB
 10. Going Home (Theme From The Local Hero).mp311.65 MB
 Dire Straits - 2010 - Greatest Hits - Front.png6.39 MB
 Dire Straits - 2010 - Greatest Hits - Back.jpg135.71 KB
 B01. Telegraph Road.mp332.48 MB
 B12. Why Worry.mp319.96 MB
 A02. Money For Nothing.mp319.75 MB
 A11. Tunnel of Love.mp319.26 MB
 A13. Planet of New Orleans.mp318.44 MB
 A14. Brothers In Arms.mp315.87 MB
 A03. Your Latest Trick.mp315.56 MB
 A01. Calling Elvis.mp315.28 MB
 B05. Private Investigations.mp315.19 MB
 B02. Romeo and Juliet.mp314.56 MB


Dire Straits

Dire Straits - 1978 - Dire Straits
Dire Straits - 1979 - Communiqué
Dire Straits - 1980 - Making Movies
Dire Straits - 1982 - Love over Gold
Dire Straits - 1985 - Brothers in Arms
Dire Straits - 1991 - On Every Street

Dire Straits - 1983 - ExtendedancEPlay
Dire Straits - 1993 - Encores

Dire Straits - 1984 - Alchemy: Dire Straits Live
Dire Straits - 1993 - On the Night
Dire Straits - 1994 - Live at the BBC

Dire Straits - 1988 - Money for Nothing
Dire Straits - 1988 - The Greatest Hits Concert
Dire Straits - 1994 - The Whispers Of Dire Straits - The Best Ballads
Dire Straits - 1998 - Sultans of Swing: The Very Best of Dire Straits
Dire Straits - 2005 - The Best of Dire Straits & M. Knopfler: P. Investigations
Dire Straits - 2010 - Greatest Hits

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