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Franz Ferdinand - Complete Discography 320Kbps [iB] (Size: 1.25 GB)
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 05. take me out.mp311.48 MB
 08. This Fire.mp310.48 MB
 10. Darts Of Pleasure.mp310.26 MB
 04. Shopping For Blood.mp39.83 MB
 06. Love And Destroy.mp39.46 MB
 02. Jacqueline.mp39.21 MB
 07. Truck Stop.mp39.2 MB
 09. Michael.mp38.42 MB
 03. Tell Her Tonight.mp36.89 MB
 01. Cheating On You.mp35.46 MB
 03. Shopping For Blood.mp38.75 MB
 01. This Fffire.mp38.68 MB
 02. Van Tango.mp38.43 MB
 04. All For You, Sophia.mp37.45 MB
 05. Words So Leisured.mp35.84 MB
 Franz_Ferdinand-Franz_Ferdinand-Trasera.jpg170.21 KB
 Franz_Ferdinand-Franz_Ferdinand-Interior_Frontal.jpg151.93 KB
 Franz_Ferdinand-Franz_Ferdinand-CD.jpg117.85 KB
 Franz_Ferdinand-Franz_Ferdinand-Frontal.jpg96.4 KB
 05. Auf Achse.mp310.48 MB
 07. This Fire.mp310.28 MB
 04. The Dark Of The MatinĂ©e.mp39.86 MB
 03. Take Me Out.mp39.61 MB
 01. Jacqueline.mp39.31 MB
 10. Come On Home.mp39.2 MB
 11. 40'.mp38.36 MB
 09. Michael.mp38.25 MB
 08. Darts Of Pleasure.mp37.42 MB
 06. Cheating On You.mp36.55 MB
 02. Tell Her Tonight.mp35.82 MB
 Franz_Ferdinand-You_Could_Have_It_So_Much_Better-Interior_Frontal.jpg205.91 KB
 Franz_Ferdinand-You_Could_Have_It_So_Much_Better-CD.jpg179.21 KB
 Franz_Ferdinand-You_Could_Have_It_So_Much_Better-Trasera.jpg123.5 KB
 Franz_Ferdinand-You_Could_Have_It_So_Much_Better-Frontal.jpg122.66 KB
 10. I'm Your Villain.mp39.34 MB
 13. Outsiders.mp39.3 MB
 01. The Fallen.mp38.53 MB
 04. Walk Away.mp38.3 MB
 02. Do You Want To.mp38.25 MB
 09. What You Meant.mp37.85 MB
 12. Fade Together.mp37.04 MB
 08. Well That Was Easy.mp37.01 MB
 07. Eleanor Put Your Boots On.mp36.53 MB
 06. You're the Reason I'm Leaving.mp36.42 MB
 Franz_Ferdinand-Blood-Frontal.jpg461.84 KB
 Franz_Ferdinand-Blood-Trasera.jpg339.24 KB
 Franz_Ferdinand-Blood-Interior_Frontal.jpg210.62 KB
 Franz_Ferdinand-Blood-CD.jpg106.67 KB
 Franz_Ferdinand-Blood-Interior_Trasera.jpg98.25 KB
 02. Die On the Floor.mp315.1 MB
 07. Feeling Kind Of Anxious.mp314.98 MB
 04. If I Can't Have You Then Nobody Can.mp38.97 MB
 03. The Vaguest of Feeling.mp38.82 MB
 06. Backwards On My Face.mp38.74 MB
 05. Katherine Hit Me.mp38.57 MB
 08. Feel The Envy.mp38.2 MB
 01. Feel The Pressure.mp37.98 MB
 09. Be Afraid.mp37.04 MB
 Franz_Ferdinand-Tonight-Trasera.jpg373.11 KB
 Franz_Ferdinand-Tonight-Frontal.jpg197.81 KB
 Franz_Ferdinand-Tonight-CD.jpg94.62 KB
 10. Lucid dreams.mp318.21 MB
 03. No you girls.mp38.5 MB
 07. What She Came For.mp38.18 MB
 08. Live Alone.mp38.01 MB
 06. Bite Hard.mp37.91 MB
 11. Dream again.mp37.6 MB
 01. Ulysses.mp37.33 MB
 09. Can't stop feeling.mp37.01 MB
 04. Send Him Away.mp36.88 MB
 12. Katherine kiss me.mp36.74 MB
 Franz_Ferdinand-Covers_Ep-Trasera.jpg714.17 KB
 Franz_Ferdinand-Covers_Ep-CD.jpg445.65 KB
 Franz_Ferdinand-Covers_EP-Frontal.jpg309.45 KB
 03. Live Alone.mp317.02 MB
 02. DREAM AGAIN.mp39.64 MB
 04. What She Came For.mp38.19 MB
 05. Turn It On.mp38.18 MB
 01. Live Alone.mp37.96 MB
 Franz Ferdinand - 2013 - Evil Action - Back.jpg120.57 KB
 Franz Ferdinand - 2013 - Evil Action - Front.jpg108.38 KB
 Franz Ferdinand - 2013 - Evil Action - Inside.jpg93.25 KB
 Franz Ferdinand - 2013 - Evil Action - CD.jpg82.72 KB
 04. Stand On The Horizon (Todd Terje Extended Mix).mp318.59 MB
 03. Evil Eye (Todd Terje Extended Mix).mp317.44 MB
 08. Take Me Out (Daft Punk Remix).mp310.57 MB
 07. Do You Want To (Live From Konk).mp39.86 MB
 02. Love Illumination (Album Version).mp38.7 MB
 06. Fresh Strawberries (Live From Konk).mp37.62 MB
 01. Right Action (Album Version).mp37.16 MB
 05. Bullet (Live From Konk).mp36.32 MB
 Franz_Ferdinand-Right_Thoughts,_Right_Words,_Right_Actions_(Deluxe_Edition)-Trasera.jpg339.02 KB
 Franz_Ferdinand-Right_Thoughts,_Right_Words,_Right_Actions_(Deluxe_Edition)-Interior_Frontal.jpg213.71 KB
 Franz_Ferdinand-Right_Thoughts,_Right_Words,_Right_Actions_(Deluxe_Edition)-CD1.jpg183.8 KB
 Franz_Ferdinand-Right_Thoughts,_Right_Words,_Right_Actions_(Deluxe_Edition)-CD2.jpg144.42 KB
 Franz_Ferdinand-Right_Thoughts,_Right_Words,_Right_Actions_(Deluxe_Edition)-Frontal.jpg124.19 KB
 B07. Can't Stop Feeling.mp313.89 MB
 A08. The Universe Expanded.mp310.52 MB
 A04. Stand On The Horizon.mp310.07 MB
 B10. Do You Want To.mp39.74 MB
 B13. Stand On The Horizon.mp39.67 MB
 A07. Treason! Animals..mp39.48 MB
 B12. Love Illumination.mp39.46 MB
 B08. Treason! Animals..mp39.14 MB
 A03. Love Illumination.mp38.59 MB
 B06. Goodbye Lovers & Friends.mp38.09 MB
 Franz_Ferdinand-Late_Night_Tales-Trasera.jpg310.31 KB
 Franz_Ferdinand-Late_Night_Tales-Frontal.jpg272.44 KB
 Franz_Ferdinand-Late_Night_Tales-Cd.jpg87.4 KB
 01. Franz Ferdinand Late Night Tales Continuous Mix.mp3121.01 MB
 09. Reasons To Be Cheerful Part 3.mp313.65 MB
 18. Zebra.mp313.11 MB
 13. Disco Devil.mp311.84 MB
 06. New Town.mp311.53 MB
 16. Nineteen Hundred And Eighty Five.mp311.35 MB
 15. Love Will Set You Free.mp310.78 MB
 21. Defibrillator.mp310.68 MB
 11. More Bounce To The Ounce.mp310.46 MB
 17. Reach For The Dead.mp38.77 MB
 Franz Ferdinand - 2015 - FFS - Frontal.jpg268.32 KB
 11. Collaborations Don't Work.mp315.71 MB
 15. Look At Me.mp313.46 MB
 04. Little Guy From The Suburbs.mp312.16 MB
 03. Dictator's Son.mp310.11 MB
 06. Save Me From Myself.mp39.43 MB
 12. Piss Off.mp39.34 MB
 07. So Desu Ne.mp39.23 MB
 16. A Violent Death.mp39.2 MB
 08. The Man Without A Tan.mp38.34 MB
 02. Call Girl.mp38.04 MB


Franz Ferdinand

Franz Ferdinand - 2004 - Franz Ferdinand (Limited Edition)
Franz Ferdinand - 2005 - You Could Have It So Much Better
Franz Ferdinand - 2009 - Tonight: Franz Ferdinand
Franz Ferdinand - 2013 - Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action
Franz Ferdinand - 2015 - FFS

Franz Ferdinand - 2009 - Blood: Franz Ferdinand
Franz Ferdinand - 2011 - Covers
Franz Ferdinand - 2014 - Late Night Tales: Franz Ferdinand
Franz Ferdinand - 2013 - Evil Action

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