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Herbert V Guenther - 1992 - Meditation Differently (226p).pdf (Size: 6.94 MB)
 Herbert V Guenther - 1992 - Meditation Differently (226p).pdf6.94 MB


Herbert V Guenther - 1992 - Meditation Differently (226p).pdf

Series: Mahamudra and Snying-Thig Practices from Original Tibetan Source
Hardcover: 210 pages
Publisher: Motilal Banarsidass Pub; 2 edition (December 12, 2005)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 8120808703
ISBN-13: 978-8120808706

Despite the interest in meditation, few works have studied what meditation means within the original traditions. Meditation Differently presents a translation of an important Tibetan work which contrasts and compares two central traditions of Buddhist meditative practice-the Mahamudra and the rDzogs-chen, particularly the sNying-thing version. This translation is supplemented by a detailed commentary based on original Tibetan sources by Dr. Guenther, an eminent scholar of Buddhism and modern thought. This critical commentary is a hermeneutical and phenomenological study of the key ideas in the understanding of being and experience, utilizing developments in modern thinking to bring out the nuances of Buddhist thinking.

This book includes the by far most revealing passage on the deepest Dzogchen practice of Tögal (Togel, Thödgal) found in any non-restricted book. The passage is pp. 134-172 and is a translation of a very esoteric text by the highly accomplished 17th century Tibetan master Tsele Natsok Rangdröl. Guenther translates the title of the work as 'The Sun's Life-Giving Force' even though it is better known as 'The Circle of the Sun'.

In addition, earlier in the book (pages 49-72), Guenther openly discusses the so-called four empowerments, including highly esoteric material in translation.

Guenther has fashioned his own terminology in translating Tibetan texts, and this makes for very difficult reading. However, it is a rewarding read because nowhere else can one read about these practices - except in restricted books (see e.g. [...]

The book is highly recommended for scholars and for very serious practitioners of Dzogchen. I cannot recommend it to readers not very familiar with the Dzogchen tradition as it will most likely be incomprehensible due to the highly technical language.

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