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So here are some of the new features implemented in this update: NEW DAY-NIGHT SYSTEM The Day system is now improved. Now there are two-phases in the game, Day (HQ Phase) and Night (Expedition Phase). During the day, your focus is doing things inside the base, like researching, crafting, cooking, etc. When the sun sets (6 PM in game time) it is time to start your expedition, kicking zombie's ass and getting more supplies (or meeting new friends of course). NEW EXPLORATION MECHANISM We also make some changes to the exploration mechanism. We change the objective from "Hunt Zeds" to "Explore". This means that you don't need (or not required) to wipe out all zombies to unlock next area. Instead, the objective now is to take your characters and open up the 'fog of war'. The game will recognize how many grids that you have explored. You need to get 75% of the area explored to get it done. But be careful now, zombies will keep on coming in waves. You can reduce the Zombie Meter by killing as many zombies as possible during exploration mode. You can now leave exploration mode anytime and no longer restricted by your objective. To leave the area, you must send your characters into the "Safe Zone". This zone is marked with blue tiles and a dotted line. Characters that are not in the safe zone will receive health penalties when you leave. MINI MAP Mini map, yes you read that right! One of the most frequently requested feature is now here. You'll now find a mini map on the lower right of the screen, next to the LEAVE button. NEW SCOUT MECHANISM Scout is also having some changes. We make it so that scouting (going into defense mode) will be a safer task. There will be no boss when scouting, you can access its mini map, and you can leave the area whenever you feel the need to cease scouting. Scouting also helps reducing the numbers of zombie you will encounter when exploring. Scouting will also unlock area information, such as area difficulty, what kind of interaction you will come across (merchant, other survivors, or boss?), etc. INTRO MOVIE CUT-SCENE If you have checked our Facebook page, you might have seen this. Now, our game has an introduction movie that shows the initial outbreak of the apocalypse. REVISED STAMINA SYSTEM Doing work and exploring the city will take a toll on your character's stamina and stats. When your characters get tired, their stats will receive some penalties. So you must plan ahead. IMPROVED BANDIT A.I. Change is also made for the bandit AI behavior, so that it would not dumbly lurk around and become totally ignorant to the player. With this improvement, bandit will chase characters that are in sight, keeping their distance to the characters while in shooting range, and can stay away when panic. MORE RESEARCH PROJECTS There are some new research projects we have added to the list. 

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