Led Zeppelin - "Excellence in San Bernardino" San Bernardino, Ca June 22nd 1972 flac

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Led Zeppelin - "Excellence in San Bernardino" San Bernardino, Ca June 22nd 1972 flac (Size: 717.08 MB)
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 LZ 1972-06-22 D1T01 - Drone.flac6.48 MB
 LZ 1972-06-22 D1T02 - Immigrant Song.flac19.13 MB
 LZ 1972-06-22 D1T03 - Heartbreaker.flac42.63 MB
 LZ 1972-06-22 D1T04 - Black Dog.flac32.36 MB
 LZ 1972-06-22 D1T05 - Since Ive Been Loving You.flac44.73 MB
 LZ 1972-06-22 D1T06 - Stairway To Heaven.flac55.85 MB
 LZ 1972-06-22 D1T07 - Going To California.flac26.38 MB
 LZ 1972-06-22 D1T08 - Thats The Way.flac32.4 MB
 LZ 1972-06-22 D1T09 - Tangerine.flac14.64 MB
 LZ 1972-06-22 D1T10 - Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp.flac25.83 MB
 LZ 1972-06-22 D2T1 - Dazed and Confused.flac153.93 MB
 LZ 1972-06-22 D2T2 - What Is and What Should Never Be.flac27.68 MB
 LZ 1972-06-22 D2T3 - Moby Dick.flac64.06 MB
 LZ 1972-06-22 D2T4 - Whole Lotta Love.flac139.2 MB
 LZ 1972-06-22 D2T5 - Rock and Roll.flac30.82 MB


Led Zeppelin - "Excellence in San Bernardino" San Bernardino, Ca June 22nd 1972 flac


Led Zeppelin

Swing Auditorium, San Bernardino, California

June 22nd, 1972


Lineage: MasterReel>Cassette>CDR>Remaster

Title Excellence in San Bernardino

Winstons Disclaimer: Remastering is just a Hobby.. take it and enjoy or just pass on it.

The choice is yours. This version is never meant to be definitive.

Sources Digitally Enhanced with Samplitude.

Please Note: Stairway to Heaven had a very small cut. I used a 2ndGenCass>CDR of the same source to patch it.

CD 1

01. Immigrant Song

02. Heartbreaker

03. Black Dog

04. Since I've Been Loving You

05. Stairway To Heaven

06. Going To California

07. That's The Way

08. Tangerine

09. Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp (Cut)

CD 2

01. Dazed and Confused

02. What is and What Should Never Be

03. Moby Dick

04. Whole Lotta Love

05. Rock and Roll

Please Bootleggers DO NOT SELL IN ANY FORMAT - Keep it Free :)


Please DO NOT mp3

Please DO ENJOY!!

*Artwork is Included

Winston Remasters


A short, compact and regular set in front of a dull crowd. Even though there are no previews whatsoever here and only one encore, the standard set still excites. Dazed And Confused is pure genius in 25 minutes and the entire show is delivered with guts and emotion to an audience that is way too undeserving ... the crowd is quiet and responds dully after songs (Plant: "C'mon all you white folks - do The Crunge!") ... a shame as this is a blistering set. The atmosphere on the tape is one of a dull show due to the crowd, but focus on Zeppelin and you will find this show to be short, standard, but breathtakingly exciting and excellently played.

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