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  • Game: Limbo
  • Platform: PC

Limbo Completed Edition By MafiaSSS (Size: 369.26 MB)
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This torrent contains: Limbo Completed Edition
Duration of film: N/A
Size: 369MB
Information about the game:
Limbo is a puzzle-platformer. The game only uses two buttons in addition to movement controls, one to cause the boy to jump, and one for contextual action, such as dragging boxes, pulling levers, or pushing buttons. The boy can grab onto ledges within reach and lower himself from platforms, climb ladders, push and pull objects and also swing from ropes found in the environment. Limbo features a lot of what developer Playdead describes as "trial and death" gameplay, requiring players to die frequently (and gruesomely) in order to fully understand the puzzles. Limbo has an extremely generous checkpoint system with almost instantaneous reloading, usually bringing the boy back to just before he set off a trap or fell into a chasm, minimizing (but not avoiding) player frustration.
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Limbo Completed Edition By MafiaSSS


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