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Ozzy Osbourne - Studio Albums 320Kbps [iB] (Size: 1.35 GB)
 Ozzy_Osbourne-Blizzard_Of_Ozz-Trasera.jpg265.56 KB
 Ozzy_Osbourne-Blizzard_Of_Ozz-Frontal.jpg166.34 KB
 Ozzy_Osbourne-Blizzard_Of_Ozz-CD.jpg160.85 KB
 08. Revelation (Mother Earth).mp314.12 MB
 03. Goodbye to Romance.mp312.82 MB
 01. I Don't Know.mp312.11 MB
 06. Mr. Crowley.mp311.34 MB
 02. Crazy Train.mp311.26 MB
 05. Suicide Solution.mp39.93 MB
 10. You Lookin' At Me Lookin' At You.mp39.91 MB
 07. No Bone Movies.mp39.12 MB
 09. Steal Away (The Night).mp38 MB
 04. Dee.mp31.93 MB
 Ozzy_Osbourne-Diary_Of_A_Madman-Interior_Frontal.jpg347.25 KB
 Ozzy_Osbourne-Diary_Of_A_Madman-Trasera.jpg196.5 KB
 Ozzy_Osbourne-Diary_Of_A_Madman-Frontal.jpg183.18 KB
 Ozzy_Osbourne-Diary_Of_A_Madman-CD.jpg182.94 KB
 03. You Can't Kill Rock'n'Roll.mp314.98 MB
 08. Diary Of A Madman.mp314.41 MB
 05. Little Dolls.mp312.6 MB
 06. Tonight.mp312.39 MB
 04. Believer.mp311.56 MB
 09. I Don't Know (LIVE).mp311.34 MB
 01. Over The Mountain.mp310.32 MB
 02. Flying High Again.mp310.04 MB
 07. S.A.T.O..mp39.44 MB
 Ozzy_Osbourne-Bark_At_The_Moon-Trasera.jpg172.96 KB
 Ozzy_Osbourne-Bark_At_The_Moon-Frontal.jpg131.55 KB
 Ozzy_Osbourne-Bark_At_The_Moon-CD.jpg117.62 KB
 04. Rock 'N' Roll Rebel.mp312.37 MB
 05. Centre Of Eternity.mp312.28 MB
 08. Waiting For Darkness.mp311.93 MB
 03. Now You See It.mp311.58 MB
 02. You're No Different.mp311.41 MB
 09. Spiders In The Night (Bonus).mp39.87 MB
 07. Slow Down.mp39.81 MB
 01. Bark at the Moon.mp39.73 MB
 06. So Tired.mp39.04 MB
 Ozzy_Osbourne-The_Ultimate_Sin-Interior_Frontal.jpg173.72 KB
 Ozzy_Osbourne-The_Ultimate_Sin-Trasera.jpg169.98 KB
 Ozzy_Osbourne-The_Ultimate_Sin-Frontal.jpg168.22 KB
 Ozzy_Osbourne-The_Ultimate_Sin-CD.jpg137.56 KB
 07. Killer Of Giants.mp313.03 MB
 08. Fool Like You.mp312.17 MB
 06. Lightning Strikes.mp311.95 MB
 03. Never Know Why.mp310.22 MB
 05. Never.mp39.97 MB
 09. Shot In The Dark.mp39.81 MB
 02. Secret Loser.mp39.5 MB
 04. Thank God For The Bomb.mp38.91 MB
 01. The Ultimate Sin.mp38.55 MB
 Ozzy_Osbourne-No_Rest_For_The_Wicked-Trasera.jpg574.39 KB
 Ozzy_Osbourne-No_Rest_For_The_Wicked-Interior_Frontal.jpg492.17 KB
 Ozzy_Osbourne-No_Rest_For_The_Wicked-Frontal.jpg389.97 KB
 Ozzy_Osbourne-No_Rest_For_The_Wicked_(2002)-Interior_Trasera.jpg387.18 KB
 Ozzy_Osbourne-No_Rest_For_The_Wicked_(2002)-CD.jpg281 KB
 Ozzy_Osbourne-No_Rest_For_The_Wicked_(2002)-Trasera.jpg236.88 KB
 Ozzy_Osbourne-No_Rest_For_The_Wicked_(2002)-Frontal.jpg218.37 KB
 Ozzy_Osbourne-No_Rest_For_The_Wicked-CD.jpg184.89 KB
 06. Fire In The Sky.mp314.69 MB
 04. Breakin' All The Rules.mp312.03 MB
 02. Devil's Daughter (Holy War).mp312.02 MB
 05. Bloodbath In Paradise.mp311.57 MB
 09. Hero.mp311.04 MB
 10. The Liar (Bonus Track).mp310.41 MB
 08. Demon alcohol.mp310.33 MB
 03. Crazy Babies.mp39.74 MB
 07. Tattooed Dancer.mp38.92 MB
 11. Miracle Man (Bonus Track, Live).mp38.7 MB
 01. Miracle Man.mp38.58 MB
 Ozzy_Osbourne-No_More_Tears-Interior_Frontal.jpg287.69 KB
 Ozzy_Osbourne-No_More_Tears_(2002)-Trasera.jpg206.35 KB
 Ozzy_Osbourne-No_More_Tears-CD.jpg173.74 KB
 Ozzy_Osbourne-No_More_Tears_(2002)-Frontal.jpg136.49 KB
 Ozzy_Osbourne-No_More_Tears-Trasera.jpg121.7 KB
 Ozzy_Osbourne-No_More_Tears-Frontal.jpg81.6 KB
 05. No More Tears.mp316.84 MB
 09. Zombie Stomp.mp314.24 MB
 01. Mr. Tinkertrain.mp313.59 MB
 04. Desire.mp313.18 MB
 11. Road To Nowhere.mp311.79 MB
 12. Don't Blame Me (Bonus).mp311.49 MB
 07. Hellraiser.mp311.15 MB
 06. S.I.N..mp310.95 MB
 08. Time After Time.mp39.93 MB
 13. Party With The Animals (Bonus).mp39.78 MB
 Ozzy_Osbourne-Ozzmosis-Interior_Frontal.jpg159.43 KB
 Ozzy_Osbourne-Ozzmosis-Trasera.jpg155.21 KB
 Ozzy_Osbourne-Ozzmosis-Interior_Trasera.jpg99.92 KB
 Ozzy_Osbourne-Ozzmosis-CD.jpg84.88 KB
 Ozzy_Osbourne-Ozzmosis-Frontal.jpg84.15 KB
 06. Tomorrow.mp315.45 MB
 09. My Jekyll Doesn't Hide.mp315.36 MB
 04. Thunder Underground.mp315.18 MB
 05. See You On The Other Side.mp314.44 MB
 01. Perry Mason.mp313.81 MB
 07. Denial.mp312.24 MB
 03. Ghost Behind My Eyes.mp312.2 MB
 11. Whole World's Fallin' Down (Previously Unreleased Outside Of Japan).mp312.1 MB
 02. I Just Want You.mp311.61 MB
 08. My Little Man.mp311.46 MB
 Ozzy_Osbourne-Down_To_Earth-Interior_Trasera.jpg419.92 KB
 Ozzy_Osbourne-Down_To_Earth-CD.jpg365.53 KB
 Ozzy_Osbourne-Down_To_Earth-Interior_Frontal.jpg323.2 KB
 Ozzy_Osbourne-Down_To_Earth-Trasera.jpg190.33 KB
 Ozzy_Osbourne-Down_To_Earth-Frontal.jpg114.93 KB
 04. No Easy Way Out.mp311.68 MB
 08. Running Out Of Time.mp311.55 MB
 01. Gets Me Through.mp311.49 MB
 11. Can You Hear Them.mp311.36 MB
 10. Alive.mp311.22 MB
 03. Dreamer.mp310.82 MB
 07. Junkie.mp310.12 MB
 02. Facing Hell.mp310.08 MB
 05. That I Never Had.mp310.04 MB
 09. Black Illusion.mp39.92 MB
 Ozzy_Osbourne-Under_Cover-Interior_Trasera.jpg320.63 KB
 Ozzy_Osbourne-Under_Cover-Trasera.jpg240.88 KB
 Ozzy_Osbourne-Under_Cover-Interior_Frontal.jpg210.72 KB
 Ozzy_Osbourne-Under_Cover-Frontal.jpg156.69 KB
 Ozzy_Osbourne-Under_Cover-CD.jpg137.56 KB
 13. Sympathy For The Devil.mp316.47 MB
 10. Sunshine Of Your Love.mp311.87 MB
 07. All the young dudes.mp310.5 MB
 01. Rocky Mountain Way.mp310.41 MB
 03. Mississippi Queen.mp39.6 MB
 11. Fire.mp39.51 MB
 06. 21st Century Schizoid Man.mp38.92 MB
 05. Woman.mp38.63 MB
 09. Good Times.mp38.63 MB
 04. Go Now.mp38.49 MB
 Ozzy_Osbourne-Black_Rain-Trasera.jpg194.03 KB
 Ozzy_Osbourne-Black_Rain-Interior_Trasera.jpg181.13 KB
 Ozzy_Osbourne-Black_Rain-Frontal.jpg175.13 KB
 Ozzy_Osbourne-Black_Rain-Interior_Frontal.jpg151.9 KB
 Ozzy_Osbourne-Black_Rain-CD.jpg110.32 KB
 05. The Almighty Dollar.mp315.93 MB
 09. Countdown's Begun.mp311.22 MB
 15. Here For You (Live).mp311.17 MB
 07. Civilize The Universe.mp310.82 MB
 03. Black Rain.mp310.79 MB
 16. Nightmare.mp310.78 MB
 12. Nightmare.mp310.69 MB
 08. Here For You.mp310.6 MB
 14. Not Going Away (Live).mp310.6 MB
 01. Not Going Away.mp310.4 MB
 Ozzy_Osbourne-Scream-Trasera.jpg216.22 KB
 Ozzy_Osbourne-Scream-Frontal.jpg186.31 KB
 Ozzy_Osbourne-Scream-Interior_Frontal.jpg180.23 KB
 Ozzy_Osbourne-Scream-Interior_Trasera.jpg150.52 KB
 Ozzy_Osbourne-Scream-CD.jpg125.33 KB
 01. Let It Die.mp314 MB
 05. Diggin' Me Down.mp313.89 MB
 09. I Want It More.mp312.86 MB
 08. Time.mp312.66 MB
 04. Life Won't Wait.mp311.72 MB
 03. Soul Sucker.mp310.5 MB
 10. latimer's mercy.mp310.2 MB
 07. Fearless.mp38.47 MB
 06. Crucify.mp38.01 MB
 02. Let Me Hear You Scream.mp37.87 MB
 11. I Love You All.mp32.41 MB


Ozzy Osbourne - Studio Albums

Ozzy Osbourne - 1980 - Blizzard of Ozz
Ozzy Osbourne - 1981 - Diary of a Madman
Ozzy Osbourne - 1983 - Bark at The Moon
Ozzy Osbourne - 1986 - The Ultimate Sin
Ozzy Osbourne - 1988 - No Rest for the Wicked
Ozzy Osbourne - 1991 - No More Tears
Ozzy Osbourne - 1995 - Ozzmosis
Ozzy Osbourne - 2001 - Down to Earth
Ozzy Osbourne - 2005 - Under Cover
Ozzy Osbourne - 2007 - Black Rain
Ozzy Osbourne - 2010 - Scream

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