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Paul O'Dette - Lossless Collection (Size: 7.76 GB)
 01 - Milano: Fantasia #3.flac5.62 MB
 02 - Milano: Fantasia #App. 31.flac16.24 MB
 03 - Josquin: Que Voulez-Vous Dire De Moi.flac5.65 MB
 04 - Sermisy: Tu Discois Que Je Mourroye.flac8.29 MB
 05 - Milano: Fantasia #64.flac10.01 MB
 06 - Milano: Fantasia #16.flac4.16 MB
 07 - Ribera: O Bone Jesu.flac9.92 MB
 08 - Milano: Fantasia #40.flac7.46 MB
 09 - Milano: Fantasia #56.flac8.43 MB
 10 - Milano: Fantasia #39.flac7.15 MB
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 Bach, Johann S. - Lute Works Vol.1 back.jpg778.61 KB
 Bach, Johann S. - Lute Works Vol.1 booklet 01.jpg1.58 MB
 Bach, Johann S. - Lute Works Vol.1 booklet 02.jpg675.85 KB
 Bach, Johann S. - Lute Works Vol.1 booklet 03.jpg913.32 KB
 Bach, Johann S. - Lute Works Vol.1 booklet 04.jpg611.07 KB
 Bach, Johann S. - Lute Works Vol.1 booklet 05.jpg861.64 KB
 Bach, Johann S. - Lute Works Vol.1 booklet 06.jpg869.22 KB
 Bach, Johann S. - Lute Works Vol.1 booklet 07.jpg708.23 KB
 Bach, Johann S. - Lute Works Vol.1 booklet 08.jpg892.19 KB
 Bach, Johann S. - Lute Works Vol.1 booklet 09.jpg892.33 KB
 Bach, Johann S. - Lute Works Vol.1.ape289.44 MB
 Bach, Johann S. - Lute Works Vol.1.cue2.36 KB
 Bach, Johann S. - Lute Works Vol.1.log825 bytes
 Early Italien Renaissance Musik back.jpg459.15 KB
 Early Italien Renaissance Musik booklet.jpg235.62 KB
 Early Italien Renaissance Musik front.jpg556.28 KB
 Titel 01.ape14.04 MB
 Titel 02.ape5.3 MB
 Titel 03.ape5.99 MB
 Titel 04.ape6.67 MB
 Titel 05.ape6 MB
 Titel 06.ape11.55 MB
 Titel 07.ape4.61 MB
 Inlay.jpg557.13 KB
 P-01.jpg606.65 KB
 p-02-03.jpg250.59 KB
 p-04-05.jpg685.44 KB
 p-06-07.jpg740.84 KB
 p-08-09.jpg560.49 KB
 p-10-11.jpg709.83 KB
 p-12-13.jpg700.14 KB
 p-14-15.jpg705.91 KB
 p-16-17.jpg751.01 KB
 Santiago de Murcia - Jacaras!.cue3.76 KB
 Santiago de Murcia - Jacaras!.flac249.74 MB
 Santiago de Murcia - Jacaras!.log8.75 KB
 01 PAUL O'DETTE - Suite n. 1 - S. Molinaro- Ballo detto il Conte Orlando.ape10.99 MB
 02 PAUL O'DETTE - S. Molinaro- Saltarello del predetto ballo.ape8.67 MB
 03 PAUL O'DETTE - V. Galilei- Polymnia.ape6.7 MB
 04 PAUL O'DETTE - An.- Italiana.ape9.82 MB
 05 PAUL O'DETTE - An.- Villanella `Orlando fa' che ti raccordi'.ape7.91 MB
 06 PAUL O'DETTE - An.- Italiana.ape5.99 MB
 07 PAUL O'DETTE - An.- Pezzo mezzo bonissimo.ape13.06 MB
 08 PAUL O'DETTE - An.- Mascherada.ape6.21 MB
 09 PAUL O'DETTE - Suite n. 2 - F. Caroso- Laura Soave - Baletto con Gagliarda, Saltarello e...28.39 MB
 10 PAUL O'DETTE - J-B Besardo- Branles de village.ape17.61 MB
 01 - Daniells Jigge, Daniel Bacheler, (Paul O'Dette).flac3.59 MB
 02 - Pavan, Daniel Bacheler, (Paul O'Dette).flac18.12 MB
 03 - Galliard, Daniel Bacheler, (Paul O'Dette).flac7.23 MB
 04 - Galliard, Daniel Bacheler, (Paul O'Dette).flac7.99 MB
 05 - Mounsieurs Almaine, Daniel Bacheler, (Paul O'Dette).flac23.86 MB
 06 - Pavan, Daniel Bacheler, (Paul O'Dette).flac18.55 MB
 07 - Galliard, Daniel Bacheler, (Paul O'Dette).flac9.18 MB
 08 - En Me Revenant, Daniel Bacheler, (Paul O'Dette).flac10.31 MB
 09 - A Pavin, Daniel Bacheler, (Paul O'Dette).flac19.44 MB
 10 - Galliard, Daniel Bacheler, (Paul O'Dette).flac6.4 MB
 01. Tom Scarlett.flac15.82 MB
 02. Old Simon the King.flac20.26 MB
 03. Another Division on a Ground by Mr. John Banister.flac50.44 MB
 04. Moll Peatly, or The Old Marinett.flac12.47 MB
 05. The Bear's Dance.flac18.82 MB
 06. Hunsdon House.flac10.41 MB
 07. Sir Martin Marah's Jigg.flac11.71 MB
 08. Fy Nay, Prithee John!.flac8.76 MB
 09. Paul's Steeple, or the Duke of Norfolk.flac19.73 MB
 10. The Glory of the West.flac8.21 MB
 1 PORTADA.jpg1.38 MB
 2 CONTRA.jpg3.35 MB
 3 ADENTRO.jpg9.72 MB
 4 LADO 1-2.jpg642.54 KB
 01 Paul O'Dette - LADO 1- I) Ricercar 4.flac3.79 MB
 02 Paul O'Dette - Ricercar 3.flac5.7 MB
 03 Paul O'Dette - Fantasia 21.flac10.73 MB
 04 Paul O'Dette - Mon Per Si Ma Marie.flac8.01 MB
 05 Paul O'Dette - II) Fantasia 38.flac6.03 MB
 06 Paul O'Dette - Ricercar 5.flac15.64 MB
 07 Paul O'Dette - Reueillez Moi.flac6.7 MB
 08 Paul O'Dette - III) Fantasia 81.flac2.98 MB
 09 Paul O'Dette - Fantasia 64.flac9.9 MB
 10 Paul O'Dette - O Bone Yhesu.flac9.68 MB
 audiochecker.log278 bytes
 English Lute Duets back.jpg372.45 KB
 English Lute Duets booklet 01.jpg1.11 MB
 English Lute Duets booklet 02.jpg1.17 MB
 English Lute Duets booklet 03.jpg1.13 MB
 English Lute Duets booklet 04.jpg1.21 MB
 English Lute Duets booklet 05.jpg1.41 MB
 English Lute Duets booklet 06.jpg888.16 KB
 English Lute Duets booklet 07.jpg1.41 MB
 English Lute Duets booklet 08.jpg1.32 MB
 01. A Piece without Title.ape10.22 MB
 02. Pavana.ape28.02 MB
 03. Mr Knights Galliard.ape6.88 MB
 04. My lord willobies wellcome home.ape5.55 MB
 05. The frogg galliard.ape14.73 MB
 06. A Fancy.ape9.52 MB
 07. My Ladie Riches galyerd.ape6.77 MB
 08. the Lady Laitons Almone.ape5.98 MB
 09. A Dream (Lady Leighton's Paven).ape19.92 MB
 10. Galliard.ape7.15 MB
 01. My lady hunnsdons puffe.ape5.92 MB
 02. Solus cum sola.ape17.01 MB
 03. Suzanna Galliard.ape7.31 MB
 04. Sir John Smith his Almain.ape11.09 MB
 05. Sweet Robyne.ape14.12 MB
 06. Dowlands first galliard.ape7.5 MB
 07. Master Pypers Pavyn.ape21.39 MB
 08. Captain Digorie Piper his Galliard.ape9.75 MB
 09. Monsieur's Almaine.ape22.5 MB
 10. As I wen to Walsingham.ape7.82 MB
 01. The most high and mightie Christianus, the fourth King of Denmark, his Galliard.ape12.05 MB
 02. Sir John Langton his Pavin.ape24.8 MB
 03. Mr. Langtons galliard.ape11.73 MB
 04. A Fancy.ape18.3 MB
 05. A Pavan.ape21.9 MB
 06. The most sacred Queene Elizabeth, her Galliard.ape5.03 MB
 07. Mrs. Cliftons Allmaine.ape5.39 MB
 08. The Right Honourable the Lady Cliftons Spirit.ape7.42 MB
 09. tarletones riserrectione.ape13.75 MB
 10. Tarletons Willy.ape7.08 MB
 01. Preludium.ape4.28 MB
 02. A Fancy.ape9.74 MB
 03. Lachrimae.ape16.87 MB
 04. Galliard to Lachrimae.ape8.74 MB
 05. A Fantasia.ape18.71 MB
 06. An Almand.ape5 MB
 07. Pavana.ape23.3 MB
 08. The Right Honourable Robert, Earl of Essex, his Galliard.ape6.17 MB
 09. A Galliard (on a galliard by Daniel Bachelar).ape10.56 MB
 10. My Lord Wilobies Welcom Home.ape4.86 MB
 01. A Fancy.ape13.11 MB
 02. Pavana Dowlandi Angli.ape18.82 MB
 03. Doulands rounde battel galyarde (P 39).ape6.2 MB
 04. Pavin.ape19.8 MB
 05. The Erle of Darbies Galiard (P 44).ape10.17 MB
 06. Mistris Norrishis Delight (P 77).ape6.67 MB
 07. A Jig.ape8.69 MB
 08. The Earl of Essex Galliard (P 89).ape6.27 MB
 09. Galliard (P 76).ape6.41 MB
 10. Une Jeune Fillette (P 93).ape20.4 MB
 Lusty Gallant (Paul O'Dette).flac303.36 MB
 Lusty Gallant (Paul O'Dette).flac.cue2.82 KB
 Lusty Gallant (Paul O'Dette).log783 bytes
 Lusty Gallant (Paul O'Dette).wav.cue2.82 KB
 Lusty Gallant (Paul O'Dette).flac359.24 MB
 Lusty Gallant (Paul O'Dette).flac.cue3.18 KB
 Lusty Gallant (Paul O'Dette).log838 bytes
 Lusty Gallant (Paul O'Dette).wav.cue3.17 KB
 Back.jpg4.18 MB
 Booklet 01.jpg312.36 KB
 Booklet 02.jpg300.98 KB
 Booklet 03.jpg783.83 KB
 Booklet 04.jpg844.35 KB
 Booklet 05.jpg614.11 KB
 Booklet 06.jpg827.12 KB
 Booklet 07.jpg379.38 KB
 CD 1.jpg663.88 KB
 CD 2.jpg701.33 KB
 Front.jpg5.35 MB
 DS_Store6 KB
 01 - Fantasia prima, Simone Molinaro, (Paul O'Dette).flac6.92 MB
 02 - Ballo detto il Conte Orlando, Simone Molinaro, (Paul O'Dette).flac16.38 MB
 03 - Salterello del predetto ballo, Simone Molinaro, (Paul O'Dette).flac3.87 MB
 04 - Fantasia nona, Simone Molinaro, (Paul O'Dette).flac11.36 MB
 05 - Salterello primo, Simone Molinaro, (Paul O'Dette).flac5.5 MB
 06 - Fantasia terza, Simone Molinaro, (Paul O'Dette).flac8.46 MB
 07 - Salterello secondo, Simone Molinaro, (Paul O'Dette).flac4.19 MB
 08 - Canzone a quattro di Gioseppe Guami, Simone Molinaro, (Paul O'Dette).flac13.65 MB
 09 - Pass'e mezzo in tre modi, Simone Molinaro, (Paul O'Dette).flac15.23 MB
 10 - Gagliarda in tre modi, Simone Molinaro, (Paul O'Dette).flac5.67 MB
 00-01.jpg1.24 MB
 02-03.jpg291.71 KB
 04-05.jpg623.06 KB
 06-07.jpg592.97 KB
 08-09.jpg671.25 KB
 10-11.jpg554.8 KB
 12-13.jpg458.55 KB
 14-15.jpg451.82 KB
 Inlay.jpg586.5 KB
 01 Henry VIII (1491-1547) , Pastyme with good Companie.flac9.96 MB
 02 Wilder, Philip van (c.1500-1553) , Fantasie.flac11.68 MB
 03 Wilder, Philip van (c.1500-1553) , Philip's Dump.flac20.18 MB
 04 Anon. , The Duke of Somersettes Dompe.flac10.22 MB
 05 Anon. , My Lady Careys Dompe.flac12.76 MB
 06 Anon. , Fantasy.flac19.25 MB
 07 Anon. , Sellenger's Round.flac9.4 MB
 08 Anon. , A Dump.flac12.42 MB
 09 Anon. , Chi passa per 'sta strada.flac5.43 MB
 10 Countie, Anthony de (1579- ) , Anthony Pavyn.flac10.29 MB
 (Live) Paul odette. Lachrimae Pavan.mp417.84 MB
 American Old Music for lute.mp415.07 MB
 Benjamin Verdery interviews Paul O'Dette (Part 1).mp4191.36 MB
 Benjamin Verdery interviews Paul O'Dette (Part 2).mp4224.02 MB
 Chiaccona in Partite Variate by Piccinini Performed by Paul O'Dette.mp434.99 MB
 John Dowland (1563 -1626), Lachrimae Pavan Ms Dd.5.78.(3) (E), Renaissance Lute, Paul...15.74 MB
 John Dowland: Awake sweet love.mp424.98 MB
 Live in Valdagno '92.mp427.76 MB
 Lute Virtuoso Paul Odette - 1984 SOUNDBOARD TV Series DVD.mp410.49 MB
 O'Dette live in Valdagno-1..mp424.19 MB
 Booklet 01.jpg2.03 MB
 Booklet 02.jpg564.62 KB
 Booklet 03.jpg1.3 MB
 Booklet 04.jpg1.03 MB
 Booklet 05.jpg1.01 MB
 Booklet 06.jpg935.49 KB
 Booklet 07.jpg720.17 KB
 Booklet 08.jpg960.49 KB
 Booklet 09.jpg973.1 KB
 Booklet 10.jpg947.51 KB
 Alla Venetiana.cue4.17 KB
 CDImage.ape274.64 MB
 CDImage.cue3.13 KB
 CDImage.log782 bytes
 Cover.jpg111.59 KB
 Kapsberger001.jpg6.18 MB
 Kapsberger002.jpg3.85 MB
 Kapsberger003.jpg3.54 MB
 Kapsberger004.jpg3.89 MB
 Kapsberger005.jpg4.34 MB
 Kapsberger006.jpg3.74 MB
 01 - Chitarrone- Toccata arpegiatta (1604) - Paul OґDette.flac13.35 MB
 02 - Chitarrone- Gagliarda 11a - Paul OґDette.flac6.14 MB
 03 - Chitarrone- Tocatta 5a - Paul OґDette.flac9.82 MB
 04 - Chitarrone- Aria di Fiorenza - Paul OґDette.flac51.3 MB
 05 - Lute- Toccata 1 (1611) - Paul OґDette.flac18.2 MB
 06 - Lute- Gagliarda 1a - Paul OґDette.flac8.48 MB
 07 - Lute- Corrente 1a - Paul OґDette.flac10.57 MB
 08 - Lute- Toccata VI - Paul OґDette.flac12.54 MB
 09 - Lute- Gagliarda 10a - Paul OґDette.flac8.32 MB
 10 - Lute- Corrente 7a - Paul OґDette.flac8.39 MB
 Scan10067.jpg7.07 MB
 Scan10068.jpg14.13 MB
 Scan10069.jpg14.58 MB
 Scan10070.jpg12.75 MB
 Scan10071.jpg13.25 MB
 Scan10072.jpg4.52 MB
 Scan10073.jpg1.82 MB
 Scan10074.jpg1.33 MB
 Scan10075.jpg2.44 MB
 Scan10076.jpg518.3 KB
 aquila.ape378.3 MB
 aquila.cue3.48 KB
 aquila.log5.44 KB
 Decibel cue.cue4.81 KB
 DS_Store6 KB
 folder [640x480].jpg88.35 KB
 folder.jpg14.13 MB
 Tracklist.rtf13.05 KB
 Booklet 01.jpg1.06 MB
 Booklet 02.jpg602.78 KB
 Booklet 03.jpg1.22 MB
 Booklet 04.jpg1.67 MB
 Booklet 05.jpg1.29 MB
 Booklet 06.jpg1.38 MB
 Booklet 07.jpg1.23 MB
 Booklet 08.jpg1.17 MB
 Booklet 09.jpg1.19 MB
 Booklet 10.jpg772.2 KB
 CDImage.ape283.1 MB
 CDImage.cue2.99 KB
 CDImage.log799 bytes
 cdlabel.jpg352.01 KB
 Cover Back.jpg645.06 KB
 Cover Front.jpg663.1 KB
 DS_Store6 KB
 Lute Works - Paul O'Dette.cue3.82 KB
 Vallet, Nicolas - Le Secret des Muses back.jpg1.15 MB
 Vallet, Nicolas - Le Secret des Muses booklet 01.jpg477.51 KB
 Vallet, Nicolas - Le Secret des Muses booklet 02.jpg789.83 KB
 Vallet, Nicolas - Le Secret des Muses booklet 03.jpg814.86 KB
 Vallet, Nicolas - Le Secret des Muses booklet 04.jpg897.24 KB
 Vallet, Nicolas - Le Secret des Muses booklet 05.jpg777.34 KB
 Vallet, Nicolas - Le Secret des Muses booklet 06.jpg629.7 KB
 Vallet, Nicolas - Le Secret des Muses booklet 07.jpg764.02 KB
 Vallet, Nicolas - Le Secret des Muses booklet 08.jpg779.9 KB
 Vallet, Nicolas - Le Secret des Muses booklet 09.jpg766.52 KB
 1. Prelude (Vallet).flac7.51 MB
 10. Fantasie La Mendiante (Vallet).flac14.63 MB
 11. Soet Robbert (Vallet).flac10.55 MB
 12. Gaillarde (Vallet).flac8.68 MB
 13. Fantasie (Vallet).flac14.45 MB
 14. Pavanne en forme de complainte (Vallet).flac17.07 MB
 15. Carillon de Village (Vallet).flac10.33 MB
 16. Onse Vader in Hemelryck (Vallet).flac22.63 MB
 17. Praeludium (Vallet).flac9.86 MB
 18. Courante (Vallet).flac6.56 MB


Contains pretty much all of the solo lute works of master Paul O'Dette

Check torrent contents to see what is in there.

There are rare albums that are not so easy to find on other trackers, this my own personal torrent, not a repost - but the files are not mine, but gathered from around the web over years.

Also contains a bonus collection of live performance videos collected from flash video sites.

Please Seed Bytches~

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