PHiSH 1997-11-17 Denver, CO (LivePhish Volume 11) [FLAC]

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PHiSH 1997-11-17 Denver, CO (LivePhish Volume 11) [FLAC] (Size: 1.13 GB)
 ph1997-11-17.txt680 bytes
 ph971117d1_01_Tweezer.flac118.86 MB
 ph971117d1_02_Reba.flac86.08 MB
 ph971117d1_03_Train_Song.flac18.72 MB
 ph971117d1_04_Ghost.flac130.27 MB
 ph971117d1_05_Fire.flac35.26 MB
 ph971117d2_01_Down_with_Disease.flac106.77 MB
 ph971117d2_02_Olivia's_Pool.flac15.45 MB
 ph971117d2_03_Johnny_B_Goode.flac33.55 MB
 ph971117d2_04_Denver_Jam.flac71.7 MB
 ph971117d2_05_Jesus_Just_Left_Chicago.flac81.36 MB
 ph971117d2_06_When_the_Circus_Comes.flac31.13 MB
 ph971117d3_01_You_Enjoy_Myself.flac138.88 MB
 ph971117d3_02_Character_Zero.flac49.54 MB
 ph971117d3_03_Wolfman's_Brother.flac175.9 MB
 ph971117d3_04_Makisupa_Policeman.flac60.73 MB


1997-11-17 (Monday)
McNichols Sports Arena, Denver, CO

LivePhish Volume 11

Recorded to two-track DAT by Paul Languedoc
Post-Production: Phish Archives
Mastered by Adam Ayan at Gateway Mastering
Music Coordinator: Beth Montuori
Phish Archivist: Kevin Shapiro

Disc 1:
SET 1:
01 Tweezer
02 Reba
03 Train Song
04 Ghost
05 Fire

Disc 2:
SET 2:
01 Down with Disease ->
02 Olivia's Pool >
03 Johnny B. Goode ->
04 Denver Jam ->
05 Jesus Just Left Chicago
06 When the Circus Comes

Disc 3:
01 You Enjoy Myself
02 Character Zero
FILLER (1997-11-19):
03 Wolfman's Brother
04 Makisupa Policeman

Reba did not have the whistling ending and Disease was unfinished. Ghost included a Super Bad (James Brown) tease and Johnny B. Goode contained DEG teases.

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PHiSH 1997-11-17 Denver, CO (LivePhish Volume 11) [FLAC]

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Volume 12 up NOW. More later today/tonight. If anyone has noticed I'm moving at an accelerated pace. I'm moving out this weekend and would like all 20 up by then. IF