Photoshop CC High End Hair Retouching in Photoshop

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Photoshop CC High End Hair Retouching in Photoshop (Size: 1.61 GB)
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 004 Basic Retouching Tools.mp484.06 MB
 011 Adjusting Hair Lighting Techniques.mp441.15 MB
 012 Copying Hair Part 2.mp447.76 MB
 010 Copying Technique.mp491.87 MB
 009 Hair Basic Clean up.mp4338.08 MB
 005 Background Retouching.mp4132.19 MB
 007 Clone Stamp Technique.mp4191.08 MB
 006 Healing Brush.mp4179.53 MB
 008 Smudge Tool Technique.mp493.63 MB
 013 Fix Hair Color.mp447.55 MB
 014 Free Lesson - Change Hair Color with a Selection Plus Action.mp465.75 MB
 015 Hair Dodge Burn.mp4117.13 MB
 016 Setting up Contrasts.mp437.49 MB
 017 Pop Out Colors.mp430.65 MB




Course Description

High End Retouching is one of the most time consuming work in Photoshop. You can see results of such a work in magazines, billboards with a main destination to promote desired product.

In this course we are going to learn High End retouching on hair level. Hair retouch is slightly different than skin, it requires a lot of precise work as well as way of using specyfing retouching tool is slightly different. From my own education experience I know how many people were asking about hair retouching, that is why I decided to come with this course focused on Hair - which are the biggest struggle for every photographer and retoucher.

In This Photoshop Retouching course You are going to learn all basic retouching tools, and after that we are going to adjust these retouching tools to the specific tasks for hair retouching. I am going to show You how to use healing brush and clone stamp for hair retouching.

After this You will learn some other experimental techniques to apply totally new hair to You image, as well as how to adjust colors and shadows of the hair in such a cases.

Walking through Dodge & Burn process we are going to end up this course with Color adjustments which are going to give to final punch to Your images!

Enjoy the course!


What are the requirements?

You need Photoshop CC, or version not older than CS3

What am I going to get from this course?

Use any retouching tools in Photoshop
Do advanced hair retouching
retouching hair from start to finish with all the details

What is the target audience?

This course if for people who love retouching and photography
For People who struggle with hair retouching
For people who want to get amazing results of their retouch
For people interested in portrait photography
For people who wants to improve their photoshop retouching

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Photoshop CC High End Hair Retouching in Photoshop