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Scorpions - Studio Albums 320Kbps [iB] (Size: 2 GB)
 Inlay.jpg2.15 MB
 Back.jpg1.6 MB
 inside.jpg399.93 KB
 CD.jpg364.17 KB
 Front.jpg184.48 KB
 07. Lonesome Crow.mp330.85 MB
 03. Leave Me.mp311.72 MB
 04. In Search Of The Peace Of Mind.mp311.35 MB
 01. I'm Going Mad.mp311.33 MB
 05. Inheritance.mp310.77 MB
 06. Action.mp39.06 MB
 02. It All Depends.mp38.03 MB
 Scorpions-Fly_To_The_Rainbow-Front.jpg561.72 KB
 Scorpions-Fly_To_The_Rainbow-Back.jpg275.59 KB
 Scorpions-Fly_To_The_Rainbow-Inlay.jpg159.35 KB
 Scorpions-Fly_To_The_Rainbow-CD.jpg96.33 KB
 07. Fly To the Rainbow.mp322.16 MB
 03. Drifting Sun.mp317.66 MB
 06. Far Away.mp313.12 MB
 04. Fly People Fly.mp311.64 MB
 02. They Need A Million.mp311.28 MB
 05. This Is My Song.mp39.89 MB
 01. Speedy's Coming.mp38.35 MB
 Scorpions-In_Trance-Trasera.jpg166.43 KB
 Scorpions-In_Trance-CD.jpg140.48 KB
 Scorpions-In_Trance-Frontal.jpg115.13 KB
 07. Evening Wind.mp311.82 MB
 02. In Trance.mp311.07 MB
 08. Sun In My Hand.mp310.22 MB
 03. Life's Like A River.mp38.98 MB
 01. Dark Lady.mp38.15 MB
 04. Top Of The Bill.mp37.95 MB
 05. Living And Dying.mp37.79 MB
 10. Night Lights.mp37.55 MB
 06. Robot Man.mp36.54 MB
 09. Longing For Fire.mp36.35 MB
 Scorpions-Virgin_Killer-Frontal_II.jpg656.76 KB
 Scorpions-Virgin_Killer-Inside.jpg533.56 KB
 Scorpions-Virgin_Killer-CD.jpg265.74 KB
 Scorpions-Virgin_Killer-Trasera.jpg154.37 KB
 Scorpions-Virgin_Killer-Frontal.jpg152.57 KB
 08. Polar Night.mp311.77 MB
 09. Yellow Raven.mp311.53 MB
 07. Crying Days.mp310.76 MB
 03. In Your Park.mp38.7 MB
 05. Virgin Killer.mp38.48 MB
 02. Catch Your Train.mp38.29 MB
 01. Pictured Lirfe.mp37.92 MB
 04. Backstage Queen.mp37.42 MB
 06. Hell Cat.mp36.83 MB
 Scorpions-Taken_By_Force-Inlay.jpg1.54 MB
 Scorpions-Taken_By_Force-Back.jpg837.71 KB
 Scorpions-Taken_By_Force-Front II.jpg411.4 KB
 Scorpions-Taken_By_Force-CD.jpg301.13 KB
 Scorpions-Taken_By_Force-Front.jpg159.97 KB
 08. Born To Touch Your Feelings.mp316.88 MB
 02. We'll Burn The Sky.mp314.96 MB
 06. Your Light.mp310.47 MB
 05. The Sails Of Charon.mp310.06 MB
 04. The Riot Of Your Time.mp39.67 MB
 03. I've Got To Be Free.mp39.35 MB
 01. Steamrock Fever.mp38.49 MB
 07. He's A Woman - She's A Man.mp37.58 MB
 Scorpions-Lovedrive-Frontal.jpg303.25 KB
 Scorpions-Lovedrive-Trasera.jpg279.12 KB
 Scorpions-Lovedrive-Interior_Frontal.jpg271.31 KB
 Scorpions-Lovedrive-CD.jpg166.76 KB
 08. Holiday.mp315.09 MB
 01. Loving You Sunday Morning.mp312.95 MB
 03. Always Somewhere.mp311.36 MB
 07. Lovedrive.mp311.21 MB
 04. Coast To Coast.mp310.85 MB
 06. Is There Anybody There.mp39.13 MB
 02. Another Piece Of Meat.mp38.14 MB
 05. Can't Get Enough.mp36.11 MB
 Scorpions-Animal_Magnetism-Interior_Frontal.jpg238.6 KB
 Scorpions-Animal_Magnetism-Trasera.jpg219.44 KB
 Scorpions-Animal_Magnetism-CD.jpg147.46 KB
 Scorpions-Animal_Magnetism-Frontal.jpg142.24 KB
 05. Lady Starlight.mp314.49 MB
 09. Animal Magnetism.mp313.76 MB
 08. The Zoo.mp312.78 MB
 06. Falling In Love.mp39.76 MB
 03. Hold Me Tight.mp39.29 MB
 01. Make It Real.mp38.93 MB
 07. Only A Man.mp38.4 MB
 04. Twentieth Century Man.mp37.14 MB
 02. Don't Make No Promises (Your Body Can't Keep).mp36.94 MB
 Back.jpg1.79 MB
 CD.jpg900.76 KB
 Scorpions-Blackout-Frontal.jpg308.15 KB
 Scorpions-Blackout-Interior_Frontal.jpg224.96 KB
 08. China White.mp315.98 MB
 06. Dynamite.mp39.69 MB
 03. No One Like You.mp39.08 MB
 07. Arizona.mp38.97 MB
 09. When the Smoke Is Going Down.mp38.88 MB
 01. Blackout.mp38.79 MB
 02. Can't Live Without You.mp38.68 MB
 04. You Give Me All I Need.mp38.4 MB
 05. Now.mp35.88 MB
 Scorpions-Love_At_First_Sting-Interior_Frontal.jpg193.23 KB
 Scorpions-Love_At_First_Sting-Trasera.jpg135.07 KB
 Scorpions-Love_At_First_Sting-CD.jpg113.01 KB
 Scorpions-Love_At_First_Sting-Frontal.jpg88.96 KB
 09. Still Loving You.mp314.84 MB
 07. As Soon As The Good Times Roll.mp311.59 MB
 04. Coming Home.mp311.46 MB
 08. Crossfire.mp310.46 MB
 03. I'm Leaving You.mp39.86 MB
 02. Rock You Like A Hurricane.mp39.65 MB
 06. Big City Nights.mp39.55 MB
 01. Bad Boys Running Wild.mp39.02 MB
 05. The Same Thrill.mp38.13 MB
 Scorpions-Savage_Amusement-Interior_Frontal.jpg167.74 KB
 Scorpions-Savage_Amusement-Trasera.jpg159.58 KB
 Scorpions-Savage_Amusement-CD.jpg138.65 KB
 Scorpions-Savage_Amusement-Frontal.jpg105.46 KB
 09. Believe In Love.mp312.4 MB
 05. Walking On The Edge.mp311.76 MB
 07. Every Minute Every Day.mp310.08 MB
 01. Don't Stop At The Top.mp39.33 MB
 03. Passion Rules The Game.mp39.2 MB
 02. Rhythm Of Love.mp38.75 MB
 06. We let it rock...You let it roll.mp38.41 MB
 08. Love On The Run.mp38.38 MB
 04. Media Overkill.mp38.22 MB
 Scorpions-Crazy_World-CD.jpg437.53 KB
 Scorpions-Crazy_World-Interior_Frontal.jpg292.59 KB
 Scorpions-Crazy_World-Trasera.jpg193.71 KB
 Scorpions-Crazy_World-Frontal.jpg97.76 KB
 05. Restless Nights.mp313.41 MB
 04. Wind Of Change.mp312.1 MB
 10. Crazy World.mp311.92 MB
 09. Money And Fame.mp311.9 MB
 02. Don't Believe Her.mp311.43 MB
 03. To Be With You In Heaven.mp311.23 MB
 01. Tease Me Please Me.mp311.01 MB
 08. Hit Between The Eyes.mp310.6 MB
 11. Send Me An Angel.mp310.59 MB
 06. Lust Or Love.mp310.13 MB
 07. Kicks After Six.mp38.87 MB
 Scorpions-Face_The_Heat-Interior_Frontal.jpg235.29 KB
 Scorpions-Face_The_Heat-Frontal.jpg167.13 KB
 Scorpions-Face_The_Heat-Trasera.jpg165.55 KB
 Scorpions-Face_The_Heat-CD.jpg160.5 KB
 07. Woman.mp313.69 MB
 01. Alien Nation.mp313.23 MB
 06. Unholy Alliance.mp312.22 MB
 04. Under The Same Sun.mp311.32 MB
 03. Someone To Touch.mp310.39 MB
 05. Taxman Woman.mp310.39 MB
 09. Ship Of Fools.mp39.84 MB
 10. Nightmare Avenue.mp39.06 MB
 02. No Pain No Gain.mp39.04 MB
 08. Hate To Be Nice.mp38.26 MB
 Inlay.jpg233.69 KB
 Front.jpg172.83 KB
 Back.jpg171.77 KB
 CD.jpg142.26 KB
 10. You and I.mp314.44 MB
 03. Does Anyone Know.mp313.69 MB
 07. When You Came Into My Life.mp312.63 MB
 02. But The Best For You.mp312.32 MB
 04. Stone In My Shoe.mp310.72 MB
 01. Wild Child.mp39.9 MB
 08. Where The River Flows.mp39.67 MB
 05. Soul Behind The Face.mp39.28 MB
 09. Time Will Call Your Name.mp39.13 MB
 06. Oh Girl (I Wanna Be With You).mp38.89 MB
 Back.jpg795.06 KB
 inside.jpg201.79 KB
 Front.jpg93.41 KB
 CD.jpg81.22 KB
 Inlay.jpg59.61 KB
 09. Yellow Butterfly.mp313.21 MB
 05. Mind Like a Tree.mp312.84 MB
 01. Mysterious.mp312.6 MB
 06. Eye To Eye.mp311.77 MB
 07. What You Give You Get Back.mp311.61 MB
 08. Skywriter.mp311.34 MB
 13. Aleyah.mp310.01 MB
 03. ObsessiĆ³n.mp39.58 MB
 15. You And I [''Butcher'' Radio Remix].mp39.27 MB
 10. Freshly Squeezed.mp39.18 MB
 Scorpions-Unbreakable-Trasera.jpg391.37 KB
 Scorpions-Unbreakable-Frontal.jpg226.35 KB
 Scorpions-Unbreakable-CD.jpg220.66 KB
 Scorpions-Unbreakable-Interior_Frontal.jpg209.23 KB
 Scorpions-Unbreakable-Interior_Trasera.jpg202.73 KB
 01. New Generation.mp313.55 MB
 08. Through My Eyes.mp312.41 MB
 04. Borderline.mp311.32 MB
 10. She Said.mp310.85 MB
 11. Remember The Good Times (Retro Garage Mix).mp310.19 MB
 05. Blood Too Hot.mp39.92 MB
 02. Love'em Or Leave'em.mp39.44 MB
 09. Can You Feel It.mp38.97 MB
 03. Deep And Dark.mp38.49 MB
 06. Maybe I Maybe You.mp38.23 MB
 07. Someday Is Now.mp37.95 MB
 Scorpions-Humanity_Hour_I-Trasera.jpg222.32 KB
 Scorpions-Humanity_Hour_I-CD.jpg161.02 KB
 Scorpions-Humanity_Hour_I-Frontal.jpg135.6 KB
 12. Humanity.mp312.47 MB
 07. Love Will Keep Us Alive.mp310.46 MB
 11. The Cross.mp310.37 MB
 10. Love Is War.mp310.01 MB
 14. Humanity (Radio Edit).mp39.44 MB
 04. The Future Never Dies.mp39.43 MB
 02. The Game of Life.mp39.4 MB
 03. We Were Born to Fly.mp39.21 MB
 06. 321.mp38.99 MB
 13. Cold.mp38.93 MB
 Scorpions-Sting_In_The_Tail-Frontal.jpg343.88 KB
 Scorpions-Sting_In_The_Tail-Trasera.jpg288.8 KB
 Scorpions-Sting_In_The_Tail-CD.jpg262.18 KB
 Scorpions-Sting_In_The_Tail-Interior_Frontal.jpg198.59 KB
 Scorpions-Sting_In_The_Tail-Interior_Trasera.jpg180.78 KB
 10. Sly.mp312.13 MB
 04. The Good Die Young.mp312.05 MB
 07. Lorelei.mp310.48 MB
 12. The Best Is Yet to Come.mp310.45 MB
 08. Turn You On.mp310.16 MB
 01. Raised On Rock.mp39.17 MB
 11. Spirit of Rock.mp38.54 MB
 05. No Limit.mp37.85 MB
 09. Let's Rock!.mp37.76 MB
 06. Rock Zone.mp37.57 MB
 Scorpions-Comeblack-Trasera.jpg231.29 KB
 Scorpions-Comeblack-Frontal.jpg179.53 KB
 Scorpions-Comeblack-CD.jpg151.25 KB
 07. Still loving you.mp315.52 MB
 03. The Zoo.mp313 MB
 06. Wind Of Change.mp311.95 MB
 04. Rock You like a hurricane.mp39.9 MB
 02. No One Like You.mp39.54 MB
 13. Ruby Tuesday.mp39.06 MB
 05. Blackout.mp38.91 MB
 01. Rhythm of Love.mp38.45 MB
 09. Children Of The Revolution.mp38.31 MB
 08. Tainted love.mp38.03 MB
 Scorpions-Return_To_Forever-Frontal.jpg186.61 KB
 04. House Of Cards.mp311.73 MB
 12. Gypsy Life.mp311.2 MB
 10. Eye Of The Storm.mp310.28 MB
 15. When The Truth Is A Lie.mp310.27 MB
 09. Hard Rockin' the Place.mp39.49 MB
 08. Rollin' Home.mp39.36 MB
 06. Rock 'N' Roll Band.mp39.02 MB
 02. We Built This House.mp38.99 MB
 13. The World We Used To Know.mp38.91 MB
 01. Going Out With a Bang.mp38.74 MB


Scorpions - Studio Albums

Scorpions - 1972 - Lonesome Crow
Scorpions - 1974 - Fly to the Rainbow
Scorpions - 1975 - In Trance
Scorpions - 1976 - Virgin Killer
Scorpions - 1977 - Taken by Force
Scorpions - 1979 - Lovedrive
Scorpions - 1980 - Animal Magnetism
Scorpions - 1982 - Blackout
Scorpions - 1984 - Love at First Sting
Scorpions - 1988 - Savage Amusement
Scorpions - 1990 - Crazy World
Scorpions - 1993 - Face the Heat
Scorpions - 1996 - Pure Instinct
Scorpions - 1999 - Eye II Eye
Scorpions - 2004 - Unbreakable
Scorpions - 2007 - Humanity: Hour I
Scorpions - 2010 - Sting in the Tail
Scorpions - 2011 - Comeblack
Scorpions - 2015 - Return to Forever


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