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Soviet Middlegame Technique (2013)
2013 | 418 Pages | ISBN: 1907982493 , 1907982485 | PDF | 6 MB
Book by Peter Romanovsky

Many of the classics of Soviet chess literature have struggled to see the light of day, but none more so than Soviet Middlegame Technique by Peter Romanovsky. The original version of this famous guide to the middlegame was published in 1929 when Romanovsky was Soviet Champion. Romanovsky later decided to update and improve his work. As he finished his work in 1942, World War II was underway and Romanovsky was trapped in the notorious siege of Leningrad. The author barely survived and his manuscript was lost.Romanovsky was undeterred and finally recreated his improved book in 1960. His writing was later translated into English and published in two titles one on Planning and the other on Combinations. In this fresh translation we have included both works to create the ultimate version of a classic of Soviet chess literature.GM Alexander Kotov on Romanovsky: "One of the best books in the world's chess literature."

his old-forgotten book has finally been reprinted. I’ve been awaiting this book for quite some time after I heard a publication is planned. In this review I would like to present you what’s inside these pages.

The audience should not forget that this book is a reprint of an old book, back at the beginning of the 20th century. This means that the ways the old masters thought back then were different. Opening theory was not yet developed as much as in the last couple of years and many topics were purely theoretical yet, not tournament proven.

But the old soviets were feared for many reasons. One of them being their cold-blooded endgame skills and the other the handling of the middlegame. In this very book you won’t find games played by the current top elite. This book is based on so called ‘classics’ which were relevant for the masters of the past. Although the publisher went through the book and edited certain parts as I assume the text was mainly kept the same.

The content is way too big, even to show it briefly. Let me tell you that this book is like a collection of small, positional/strategic related articles (in the first part) in which you learn something about the pawn structure (typical formations but also some unusual or more advanced ones such as the ‘pawn wedge’ etc.) and the advantage of the bishop pair. You’ll learn from the godfather of positional play, Wilhelm Steinitz as well as how to play along the a-file. As I said there are too many “articles” so I can’t quote everything. I guess this book goes along with Nimzovitch’s highly praised book ‘My System’ and I guess it’s value is nether the less the same. The way this book is written, the didactic form as well as the layout which I guess was adjusted by Quality Chess is reader-friendly, yet comprehensive.

A careful study of this book will certainly lift your play and boost your understanding of the game. The author divided the material into individual aspects of the game and described them very well! I like his explanations as they are clear-cut, probably aimed at a higher class of players, yet it allows beginners or let’s say players somewhere around 1600 ELO to get fresh ideas without overdoing it.

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