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My name is Landon Hamilton. Once upon a time I was a twenty-three year old security guard, trying to regain my life after spending a year in prison for stealing people’s credit card numbers.

Now, I’m dead.
Okay, I was supposed to be dead. I got killed after all; but a funny thing happened after I had turned the mortal coil...
I met Dante Alighieri - yeah, that Dante. He told me I was special, a diuscrucis. That’s what they call a perfect balance of human, demon, and angel. Apparently, I’m the only one of my kind.
I also learned that there was a war raging on Earth between Heaven and Hell, and that I was the only one who could save the human race from annihilation. He asked me to help, and I was naive enough to agree.
Sounds crazy, I know, but he wished me luck and sent me back to the mortal world. Oh yeah, he also gave me instructions on how to use my Divine ‘magic’ to bend the universe to my will. The problem is, a sexy vampire crushed them while I was crushing on her.
Now I have to somehow find my own way to stay alive in a world of angels, vampires, werewolves, and an assortment of other enemies that all want to kill me before I can mess up their plans for humanity’s future. If that isn’t enough, I also have to find the queen of all demons and recover the Holy Grail.
It’s not like it’s the end of the world if I fail.

Wait. It is.

My name is Landon Hamilton.

I’m a ghost.

I died five years ago, except I didn’t get to rest in peace like most of the departed. Instead, I was tapped by Dante (yes, that Dante) in Purgatory to become his champion and save humankind from the rest of the Divine - you know, angels and demons and their mortal followers.
It seemed like a great deal at the time. I would answer my calling as a diuscrucis (a perfect balance of angel, demon, and human) by getting sent back to the mortal world, inheriting the ‘magic’ to bend the universe to my will, and saving humanity from devastation.
Hindsight… it sucks.
Yeah, I saved the world; but my vampire almost-girlfriend, Rebecca, stabbed me in the back (literally), I was forced to kill my angel best-friend, Josette, I’ve got a snarky werewolf taking up residence in my soul, and to be honest, I’m getting tired of the whole damn thing.
I don’t eat, don’t sleep, and barely feel. I’ve become obsessed with the Demon Queen’s warning, and the only thing keeping me hanging onto any shred of my humanity is Josette’s daughter Sarah.
Except… now she’s gone.
She was taken right out from under my nose, and I don’t know by who or for what purpose. What I do know is that I’ll do whatever it takes to get her back, and there isn’t an angel, demon, or god that can stop me.

It’s a good thing I’ve still got my anger.

My name is Landon Hamilton.

I’m the only thing keeping the universe in one piece.
I thought fighting angels and demons was a tough gig, but now I’d give anything to go back to the not-that-good, not-so-old days. There’s a new game in town, and it’s one that's threatening to destroy everything that has ever been created.
Oh, and my friends and I are the only ones who can stop it.

Game on.

My name is Landon Hamilton.

I’m in hell.
I was sacrificed to save the world, and imprisoned with the very thing that sought to destroy it.
It wouldn’t be so bad, except the love of my afterlife is stuck here with me, and the monster in this cage has all of eternity to make us pay for shutting him down.
Even worse? Our only hope of escaping this torment rests with the vampire who set it loose to begin with.

I hope it was worth it.

His name is Landon Hamilton, but to the angels and demons wrestling for control of our world he’s known simply as ‘diuscrucis’. He is the balancer, the great equalizer, a once mortal and former god who toes the line between good and evil to prevent the end of days...

In New York, a demon is slaughtering coeds at campuses around the city, taking the form of its victims and vanishing without a trace. At the same time in Nevada, a scientist with his own inexplicable supernatural talent has been spotted consorting with angels, working with them on a secret project that bridges the gap between science and faith.
While the two events appear unrelated on the surface, it isn’t long before Landon’s investigation leads him to one startling conclusion: the war between Heaven and Hell is evolving faster than he could have imagined, and the survival of mankind depends on his ability to make some of the hardest choices of his afterlife.

Enemies become allies and allies become enemies in this breakneck paced, action-packed mashup of urban fantasy, religious mythology, and pure adventure that are characteristic of the popular Divine series.

Landon Hamilton, the champion of humankind in the war between good and evil, had thought he'd seen the last of the demon Abaddon when he destroyed Archangel Avriel’s Box.

He was wrong.

Abaddon is back, summoned to our world by an old acquaintance and desperate for the freedom he was promised.

Now the race is on for Landon and his motley team of angels, demons, and mortals to find a way to destroy Abaddon and put a stop to his handler's plot before humankind is laid to waste.

He's outmatched and out of time. But then again, isn't he always?

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